Monday, November 16, 2009

President of Ukraine "We have more of the political flu than real A/H1N1 of seasonal flu" 11/16/09 12:25pm

We have more of the political flu than real A/H1N1 of seasonal flu - President

I would it is not the H1N1 flu that is spreading, so that part is true.


"We have more of the political flu than real A/H1N1 of seasonal flu", said President Viktor Yushchenko during a live telephone press conference at the office of Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine answering questions about the epidemic situation in the country, press office of the president reported.

The President pointed to a number of errors in Government's healthcare policy in preventing and fighting flu outbreak in Ukraine. Particularly, he said the vaccination against seasonal influenza has not been conducted. "The Government is not prepared for vaccination, although the society has been discussing it from April", said Victor Yushchenko.

He added that due to the fact that the World Health Organization predicts a second wave of flu epidemic in Ukraine, the Government and particularly the Ministry of Health should draw conclusions out of the poor organization of fighting the first wave of the epidemic.

How callous can someone be? When his country as a major epidemic spreading, he is more about the politics and blames the epidemic on people not being vaccinated.


  1. Hi Sherrie

    Not sure if you have already seen the following article in the KyivPost? Apparently the Health Ministry (in the Ukraine) sees no need to publish information about confirmed cases of A/H1N1.

  2. I thought I had posted that - I remember something like that from last week. I can't find the post though. Thank you for bringing this up. I will post it - since I can't find another.

    You are awesome, always bringing things to our attention! Thank You!