Thursday, November 19, 2009



1,540,514 SICK


354 DEAD




  1. Hi Sherrie

    The following article might prove to be useful in understanding pandemic influenza. In 2007 The Journal of Infections Diseases believed that a new pandemic as fatal as the 1918 Spanish flu could be developing based on the Avian H5N1 virus infecting humans. The research article also states that our knowledge of pandemic flu outbreaks is limited and there's a need for a lot of research to be done in this field. It's long, but very informative.

    "The 1918–1919 H1N1 influenza pandemic was among the most deadly events in recorded human history, killing an estimated 50–100 million persons. Because recent H5N1 avian epizootics have been associated with sporadic human fatalities, concern has been raised that a new pandemic, as fatal as the pandemic of 1918, or more so, could be developing. Understanding the events and experiences of 1918 is thus of great importance. However, despite the genetic sequencing of the entire genome of the 1918 virus, many questions about the 1918 pandemic remain."

    It is also worth noting that pandemics come in waves. Increasing significantly in strength as each wave comes.

    "Unlike the 1889–1893 pandemic, which made 3 or more successive annual and largely seasonal reappearances, the 1918 pandemic spread in 3 rapidly recurring waves within an 9‐month interval (figure 2A), before settling into a pattern of annual seasonal recurrences. Moreover, mortality during the latter 2 of the 3 1918–1919 waves was much higher..."

  2. Hi Peter
    It is not rocket science to see what is going on if you have done your re-search and read up on the possible source of any outbreak.

    The bitter taste of it being planted is always there looming, just take a look at what we did to the red man, gave them infected blankets with small pox. Out of 60 million red Indians we have possibly 1 million left. Good going hey?

    Now we, us 'commoners' are the 'red man' and we are being infected as a means to kull the population around the Globe. We need no statistics to all these pompus unbelievable gits sitting up in their Ivory towers setting all this in motion. What they tend to forget is that even those towers will eventually fall.

    What is more unbelievable is that 'we' do this to ourselves. The soldier, the Police, the Nurses, Doctors, Teahcers, Parents, we are all brainwashed and programmed into self destruction by the 'powers to be'.

    We are under constant hypnotic attacks via TV, radio, the web, our food, our mobile phones you name it it is there. We have created a monster with letting it go the way we have. 'Well I am alright jack' is not the right attitude to have because when all this hits the fan, there is not a single sole on this planet that will not feel the effects of it all.

    This is not a time for being factual or scientific about this. Facts is not going to get us out of this pickle, only common sense and people coming together saying NO then this will change.

    Minimising the worlds population can be changed without killing people. Inform people on safe sex, of respect to the other sex, to not have sex without knowing who you have sex with. Furthermore we need to show respect to all living on this planet, learn how to treat other species without killing and making them extinct.

    What we do to nature we do to ourselves, can you see. It is insanity and got to stop. Imagine those millions of animals we send to slaughter every day. We now do it to ourselves every day, War, Swine flu et. We need to learn how to honor each other and what we eat and do it in a more natural way. Pray for the animal/s and give thanks for them to give us their life as a gift. Imagine all the antibiotics and stereoids we give these animals, who do you think get that in their system? We do and it is so deisgned, to weaken the gene pool of the 'common' man, make them become what they eat. Animals ready for slaughter.

    What a mad house Earth has become and it is truly so sad since it is a beautiful planet with so much potential. Same goes for humans, but one thing is for sure, this planet and all its inhabitants would do much better with no humans on it full stop.

    It can work but with the way we are going now, it is not looking to good. It is time, why are you still sitting there giving your power away? Why are you complaining or living in 'fear'? Turn on the light my friend, turn it on! and start living your life as you intended to and start creating something beautiful.

    Do you know what, that change are YOU, no not 'him' or 'her', YOU. If you start with yourself, then half the battle has been won.

    London 20 November 2009