Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just have to include this Article - About the Ukraine - But a Definite "DUH" Article 11/18/09 7:54pm

I just have to include this Article - About the Ukraine - But a Definite "DUH" Article

With so much heaviness going on right now in Ukraine, I ran across this article as I was searching for any more information and wanted to add a lighter moment. Something to make you chuckle a little.

I just had to include it, because in my opinion it is one of those Definite "DUH" articles or ideas!

It seems that Chernobyl has been rated as the TOP Exotic Place in the World to Visit for Tourism by Forbes Magazine!

Forbes blurb about Chernobyl in the magazine:

"23 years after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl nuclear power plant a few companies offer tours here, - writes Forbes. - Customers are going to see the exploded reactor, the dead city Pripyat and red woods where pines have acquired an orange color due to radiation."

Even after getting that distinction tourism has not increased there, said a tour agency!

That is my "DUH" moment! I have shaken my head over the fact it was expected for people to clamor to go to Chernobyl from this article?!

"Thanks but No Thanks" I don't need to see myself glowing later, from walking around the Exploded Reactor! DUH! and Well DUH - Radiation is still everywhere there!
AND like DUH The Pine trees are orange from radiation in the ground!

link to article:

Anyway, just wanted to include this, for a shaking of the head moment and why Forbes put that as "The Most Exotic Place On Earth" is a little bizarre. Oh, I wonder if the people who live near there and are still dealing with after effects think it is so Exotic?

Exotic to me is Easter Island - Tahiti - Galapagos - Andes - the list goes on and on - Chernobyl would not have even come in my top One Million places, as a thought of the Most Exotic!

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