Sunday, November 15, 2009

Found a MSM Article - From Bloomberg - Regarding Ukraine 11/15/09 8:40am

Nov. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Ukraine’s flu epidemic is abating, Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko said today.

The number of new cases dropped to 32,448 yesterday from 127,252 on Nov. 4, Timoshenko said at a meeting with representatives of the World Health Organization in Kiev.

The WHO this month sent a team of experts to the country to investigate the outbreak of respiratory disease that had struck 969,247 and killed 155 people as of Nov. 8. It’s too early to report on final findings, said Jukka Pukkila, the head of the Geneva-based WHO mission in the country, at a joint briefing with Timoshenko today. The situation in Ukraine is “similar to what we see in other countries,” he said. The national epidemic may “go on for several weeks or maybe even couple of months,” he said.

“All eyes are on Ukraine now,” Pukkila said. “WHO stands ready to support Ukraine on getting pandemic vaccination as soon as possible.”

Ukraine is counting on the WHO to help promote flu vaccination in the country and to obtain the pandemic shot, Timoshenko said. Pukkila said Ukrainians should continue with vaccination against seasonal virus and start pandemic vaccination as soon as the shot is available.

Ukraine will register the pandemic vaccine within a month, First Deputy Health Ministry Vasyl Lazoryshynets said. Swine flu was confirmed by Ukrainian laboratories in 65 cases, 14 of which were fatal.

To contact the reporter on this story: Kateryna Choursina in Kiev at kchoursina@bloomberg.netHalia Pavliva in Kiev at

There are so many lies and misrepresentations in this article, it is sickening! To say the epidemic is abating - is not looking at the Official numbers which has been increasing, including those hospitalized. What they used as numbers were from an overnight increase - to another overnight decrease (what manipulation of the numbers). Notice how they say ONLY 65 cases were Swine Flu! Again WHAT is the other? Also - they say, they are seeing the same thing in other countries! REALLY? Well if it is Not the Swine Flu - they NEED to be honest about what it is! They have now gone 11 days without releasing the information they said they would on the 4th of November, about what IT IS!! So - It IS something, they are still hiding from the public, otherwise they would have released the information already! WHO will make that "statement" this coming week about Ukraine. Will they be Truthful? This article overall was all about vaccinations.

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