Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birds at a Show in the U.K all started dying - autopsy - hemmorhaging of Lungs - 11/19/09 11:08am

Birds at a Show in the U.K all started dying - autopsy - hemorrhaging of Lungs

I am putting this in here, because, my thoughts are I want to pay attention to what happens to the people who were there.

Could something have been sprayed?


The birds were among hundreds lined up in their cages ready to be judged Gwynedd Budgerigar Society Open Show in North Wales when disaster struck.

One toppled off his perch then others began "dropping like dominoes", according to the organizers.

Owners fearing a gas leak – canaries have highly sensitive respiratory systems and were once used down mines to detect leaks – grabbed their cages and ran for the door.

Some of the birds, which are worth around £1,000 each – were revived outside but in total 38 died.

"After five or ten minutes as many as 12 had died. I lost one bird myself," organiser Rob Hughes said.

"We saved the majority but what happened was utterly horrible. It was a freak event. We may never know the exact cause."

Retired pet shop boss Dave Cottrell, 55, lost ten birds at the event, at the end of last month.

"They were dying by the second," he said. "The odd thing is, I have asthma but I was unaware of anything."

Plumbers and gas board officials who were called in found no trace of a leak, and inspections by the fire brigade and environmental health officers also proved inconclusive.

An autopsy on two casualties revealed they died from congestion and haemorrhaging of the lungs.

The organisers believe a boiler flue may have become temporarily blocked by leaves, causing it to emit noxious fumes.

Just a question, could the area have been sprayed? Are any of those people who were there, now sick?


  1. I don't think boiler fumes cause haemorrhaging and congestion.

  2. Very strange, especially with the haemorrhaging of the lungs. There is reports of low level spraying all across the UK, so I fear the worst.

  3. Every article that you post, you MUST also place the date of the article and ideally a link to the source material. Thanks.

  4. It is linked in the headline, just click on that in the body of the article.

  5. Maybe we should buy budgies as our own early warning system!

  6. Can I ask just a question?

    By spraying I think you mean Chemtrails, I am more or less inside the issue. But.. what do you mean by "low spraying?"

  7. No from everything I understand this is low flying planes - compared to chemtrail planes spraying high up in the sky.

  8. This is low altitute spraying, in some cases less than 3000ft. From what info i have from 3 sources it has been stated that these are secret military flights spraying anti-flu and virus killing dissenfectant in order to contain the virus, so my earlier theory that these planes were actully spreading the plauge seems to be wrong.

    It would appear that most governments know what is coming.

  9. Sorry, Neil, don't believe that in the least! People Very sick after the spraying - so the spraying is Not helping people!

  10. Well we need to find out what is being sprayed.