Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WHO acknowledges Canada's Side Effects from Recalled Vaccine 11/24/09 10:20am

WHO acknowledges Canada's Side Effects from Recalled Vaccine

What are the Real numbers I wonder, if the WHO is acknowledging problems with the Swine Flu vaccine. Considering they have thrown out deaths and adverse side effects from the vaccine as merely coincidences previously, what have been the side effects and what are the REAL numbers in Canada, for them to make this statement?
There has to be some very profound numbers involved and I would say many more than what they are admitting to. That is my opinion, due to their previous statements as posted on this site.


An unusual number of severe allergies to the vaccine have been detected in Canada," World Health Organisation spokesman Thomas Abraham told AFP.

"The Canadian authorities are conducting the appropriate investigations on the vaccines" and "recalled a batch of vaccine from GSK."

"We need to understand what happened in Canada," he added.

Abraham said, however, that the WHO had not changed its recommendations regarding swine flu vaccines.

Last week, the WHO said checks on many of the 30 deaths recorded following mass pandemic flu vaccinations had so far ruled out a direct link to the vaccines.

The fatalities made up a minute fraction of at least 65 million doses of swine flu vaccines which have been administered, said the WHO, citing data from 16 countries.

For every 10,000 doses of vaccines administered, only one report of adverse effect had been logged.

Of every 100 reports of adverse effects, five are serious cases such as death, according to the WHO.

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  1. Only 1 of every 10,000 vaccines administered reported adverse effects? 65 million dosis applied? That is not an small amount... especially for a vaccine. And I wonder how many unreported. 5% of the affected are serious cases, such as death. When are they going to talk clearly to the public at large, like on TV and radio? When are they going to stop the vaccination befire it creates more damage and death?
    Yeah...! I know, is not our business according to WHO and our government. After all, we are not involved in developing their agenda.