Friday, November 20, 2009

A Medical Site in the Ukraine - What they think in numbers 11/20/09 10:32am

A Medical Site in the Ukraine - What they think in numbers

the following is on a Certified Medical site in the Ukraine:

Official - Since the beginning of the epidemic in Ukraine sick: 1,540,514 / died: 354,

На основе статистики полученной штабом "Киевляне против гриппа" в Украине заболело: 2,618,873 / умерло: 601
On the basis of statistics derived headquarters "of Kiev against influenza in Ukraine sick: 2,618,873 / died: 601


  1. Here's another story, this time on CBC news (Canada).

    "H1N1's true toll not shown by death tally"

    "Are you confused by the swine flu numbers? Wondering why public health officials are making such a fuss about a virus that has so far killed so few people?

    You aren't alone."

    "Seasonal flu's death toll is an estimate

    The tally of confirmed H1N1 deaths captures the few times someone who caught the bug died from it after testing positive for it. The seasonal flu numbers are estimates, mathematical calculations aimed at capturing all the deaths influenza had a hand in."

    "Nobody has seen a flu season like this on the ground level," he said. "If you talk to any frontline worker, they've never seen anything like this. And we keep getting told this is nothing."

    "Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC's centre for immunization and respiratory diseases, said the agency knew focusing on lab-confirmed cases was painting a "very incomplete" picture of the problem."

    It's interesting how the news is changing. So many people were asking why the fuss. Seasonal flu kills thousands every year. Now the tone is changing.

    "And we keep getting told this is nothing." - I am seeing this a lot now. What's next?


  2. I posted an article earlier, but it doesn't look like it went through properly.

    Here's the info again just in case it doesn't show:

    "CDC Estimates of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths in the United States, April – October 17, 2009"

    "CDC estimates that between 14 million and 34 million cases of 2009 H1N1 occurred between April and October 17, 2009. The mid-level in this range is about 22 million people infected with 2009 H1N1.

    CDC estimates that between about 63,000 and 153,000 2009 H1N1-related hospitalizations occurred between April and October 17, 2009. The mid-level in this range is about 98,000 H1N1-related hospitalizations.

    CDC estimates that between about 2,500 and 6,000 2009 H1N1-related deaths occurred between April and October 17, 2009. The mid-level in this range is about 3,900 2009 H1N1-related deaths.

    "The results of this method confirm previous epidemiological data indicating that this disease primarily affects people younger than 65 year old, with the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths overwhelmingly occurring in people 64 years and younger. This is very different from seasonal influenza,"


  3. I posted the information above because so many people believe that season flu is worse. So many more people die for seasonal flu than the H1N1 virus.

    But as pointed out by, the seasonal flu numbers are purely calculations that capture deaths that seasonal flu had a hand in. They are NOT numbers based on people dying from seasonal flu.

    If we were to take a more apples to apples comparison, I believe the number of people who have died of an illness that H1N1 played a part in, would be significantly higher.

  4. Actually all numbers before have been about 30000 people die from regular flu alone a year - H1N1 is Nothing like that! It was Nothing!

    but now, I believe labs are playing with it and releasing other things. Obviously with the intent to have a stronger virus.

    The Vaccines created will do NOTHING for people against ANY flu - they are created for money for the pharma companies and possibly genocide.

    h1n1 is Not what is in the Ukraine Peter - it is a plague or something like that - I believe the Doctors and the people who have examined the body - over the WHO, GOVTS, CDC ETC!

  5. I agree Sherrie. What is happening in the Ukraine is not the standard H1N1 model we are being shown.

    My previous posts show that there were earlier reports of a mutated H1N1 virus in other countries which the WHO later denied. I wanted to post the information above to point out that the tune is changing. General news media and government sites are now pointing out that it's going to get much, much worse. When information like that is released by groups that have previously lied about numbers, you can guarantee that it's diluted information.

    I wonder if we will begin to see symptoms in North America that match those in the Ukraine?