Friday, November 20, 2009

Norway, Mutated Swine Flu Confirmed 11/20/09 5:55pm

Norway, Mutated Swine Flu Confirmed

So many MSM papers and online companies are running this information.

All of them with the above headline basically! 3 people have been found to have a mutated Swine Flu Virus!

I have had people emailing me this all day. I appreciate everyone giving me the heads up on it. By all of us working together - we are able to get the information out more.

I had not posted it yet, because I basically have been bewildered and have stood against posting it.

Why? Because it seriously PO's me that 3 people in Norway have this "mutated virus" YET millions in the Ukraine are having MUCH MORE than that! Yet they are not getting ANY Attention!

So here are LOTS of links to information about the Norwegian mutated Swine Flu, but don't worry ALL of them Still say "Take your Vaccine - it will Still Help against the Mutation"!

Notice all the MSM links?

Sorry, But I find it sickening there is such a Jump on to the band wagon here - over 3 lab tests - yet The Ukraine people sit there - still Not knowing what is Spreading in their country and the surrounding countries and they get NO Headlines!

So, please forgive me for not putting this up sooner. The CDC, WHO and so on, knew over the summer the H1N1 had mutated, I even put that in a post earlier - due to the autopsies in Mexico.


  1. Hi, I'm Norwegian.

    Yes, it's for sure that they have known about the mutated virus for a long time. They say that two of the people found to have this mutated virus was sick this SUMMER, so it's not recent incidents. Personally I believe they have known this for a long time, but that they only release the news know, to scare people into taking the vaccines. I don't know how it is in Ukraine, maybe you want vaccines but don't have them. But here in Norway we have lots of vaccines, but many are sceptical, and personally I advice everyone not to take the vaccine..

    But I see you have a very bad and different type of virus in Ukrain, giving conditions of pneumonia and black lungs.. ? This sounds very bad. I want more news from Ukraine, but we don't hear them. Where can I go to read? Ukrainian news papers online? I can use google translator..

  2. If you go through this blog - you can find out about anything (that has been released or dug up) going on in the Ukraine. Click on the past dates etc. There is lots of info here.

  3. After 3 whole weeks, NPR ( National Pubic Radio ) has yet to make nary a peep about the Ukraine situation, but they sure did run to town with this Norway story today. Like you, Sherrie, I was sorely PO'd about it, especially when I explicitly heard them use the buzzword -"MUTATED". What a perfect way to hype the WHOs' little vaccine campaign, eh ?

  4. There wae a report fronm Sky News of a Tamiflu resistant Flu Virus in Wales ...It seems to have vanished from the Headlines ...Will search more ...

  5. Large Tamiflu Resistant Cluster in Wales -

  6. Sherrie, they are playing major media games here with what they put out. Still here in the West is no mention of anything! Other than one story after another about the availability of the vaccines which seems to have take precedence over everything else. That article you posted on China and the reports is crazy.

    By the way, I just posted a talk by David Icke in which he discusses the vaccines. He has been on to them for a long time. He says a few pretty disturbing things about vaccines in general. It breaks my heart to hear family members brag about getting them, but my lovely healthy strong daughters both say, NO WAY!

    When I get my cheque next week, first thing I go get a good mask and goggles. I see cheap masks in shops and you know they are inadequate. The folks who will beat the virus are the anarchists with the full gas masks they wear at demonstrations!

    I have pretty well given up on facts other than what you post here, better one good source than a lot of confusion, but if I come across anything from other sources I trust, will send to you of course.

    I still think the Ukraine is a testing ground, but who knows anything for sure. Beyond the fact lives are being taken in the most painful ways possible. As I have said to you before, Pazuzu has been awakened and feasts well. This is something else Icke speaks of although he does not name as I do, the tie between lives taken and for what purpose.

  7. Here in Sweden is also news today about a "mutated" swine flu, maybe it is sacremongering the don't say if it has mutated to a milder form or worse! It seems as if they have one big goal, to inject as many as possible. Is it correct what I heard, that in Ukraine you traitionally don't use much vaccines? And that there were no vaccinations and no problem with swine flu until the outbreak of this lung disease around 30 oct?
    So this was maybe their (WHO's) solution to that problem from their point of view, to release a lung diease.
    On solutions, have you heard about colloidal silver, or do you use that in Ukraine? I have heard about it just recently but many recommend it, should be effective against virus.
    If not I could send you some. I think one should be careful if one try make ones own, and use pure silver.



  10. Dangers of Recombination!

    ...the possibility of recombination after taking live virus vaccines.

    "When the live genetically modified virus recombines in the host and the vaccinated shed the newly mutated virus, people will be getting sick from having contact with the vaccinated, and this will reinforce the need for forced vaccinations to “solve the problem.” More people will rush to get the vaccine “cure” and more live genetically modified virus will be passed on to others.

    This will snowball into an all-out emergency event, which will involve the use of checkpoints, FEMA camps for quarantine, and martial law. We want to be off the streets as much as possible to avoid not only any quarantine and mandatory shot procedures, but also the mutated virus.

    I hope I am wrong, but I am advising everyone reading this to be prepared just in case I am right."

    maybe this is for the independent-minded people,
    keep going!

    greetz from northern germany,

  11. Most of the time, the media has absolutely no idea what is going on. They probably just latch on to something and then report on it.

    Does anyone know why the "current" swine flu was simply named H1N1?
    I ask because A-type H1N1 has been circulating worldwide for a number of years now. There have been many reports of it resisting Tamiflu and also Oseltamivir.

    Clearly what we have been seeing in the Ukraine is not simply H1N1. I can't be. There has to be a lot more going on there. Maybe putting "pandemic" in front of H1N1 changes everything! I feel it's completely wrong to just call this H1N1 as it doesn't give you a complete picture.

    Now if they called it H5N1-H1N1 (as it has components relating to H5N1) then at least that would give the media something a little more solid to latch on to. Then again, who can trust the media anymore.

  12. Well if you ever heard about a little radio show called Coast to Coast am that has millions of listers every night 2nd most listen radio program in the world talk about the plague Monday night Nov 16 2009 so the info is getting out guys