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Jim Willie - Information - U.S. Planes Sprayed Virus Over Ukraine! 12/26/09 9:05am

The below information is from this article. This is a Jim Willie article - it is Very detailed and Long - but this is a section about Ukraine. I Highly Recommend reading the entire information - It is about Every Single Thing Going on from Economics, War, Disease, etc. - Warning, it does not present a pretty picture of the future.


What follows comes from a contact who has taken the Ukraine story as a personal mission, covering it as best he can over a great many internet stories. He attempts to corroborate in a professional manner. This was shared last week. The virus is not a plague, a term that technically means over 95% mortality. Surely, the situation is very bad. An adjuvenant promotes mutations within mandatory vaccines against the virus (more like to promote the virus). It is unclear what agreement, pressure, and extortion was used to obtain the USAir Force aircraft and equipment in return. One can only speculate. He wrote the following.

"I have been following the Ukraine story very closely and it looks really bad. It looks like a government attack of the population with black pneumonic plague. Weaponized viruses, with Spanish Flu added to the old H1N1, have spread. They even have different shots for the population and the government. Shots for the ministers do not have adjuvenant. Shots for population does. This is in the German mainstream press where people are pissed off angry. Also, giant aerosol airplanes clouded the skies one day before a massive outbreak of 1.5 million cases overnight. Many witnesses, and lots of documented phone traffic of masses of people calling in to the radio station in real-time reporting the sky being clouded by 747-sized airplanes. Having 1.5 million people all of the sudden come up sick overnight is impossible without that huge cloud in the sky. Reports that as many as 1500 are already dead, but the government is not reporting it properly, suppressing information with the martial law orders. All of this is documented all over the place. Martial law was declared and there are forced vaccinations, even though the vaccination is part of the problem, not the solution. A third party can even catch it by being near someone who had the vaccination. The vaccinations add to the cocktail of viruses in the system and are a part of the strategy. They will need the militias to put everyone in quarantine.

US Military planes were the ones spreading the clouds, flown by Ukraine pilots. Indian and Pakistan Air Forces forced down the planes and found them fully outfitted with cloud duster hardware. The US government demanded the planes be returned since they belong to the USA. People are coming down with highly elevated fevers around 130-140 degrees. Their lungs are full of blood and are pitchblack like coal when they die. Speculation is Ukraine is a trial ballon, like a live fire exercise, and other targets will follow, possibly with much stronger concoctions. Just like the Ukraine version is stronger than the Mexico City version, the next release could be much stronger still. This is the biggest story since 9-11 and the mainstream news is conspicuously silent, not even reporting on the basic uncontested facts about numbers of sick."

See the following articles for personal research or casual reading about this horror, not at all of natural origin. My view is that Ukraine is special. It turned pro-West during the Color Revolution, with favor shown the West. Then Russia pulled it back into their fold. Battles over natural gas pipelines ensued. Now pockets of the USGovt and USMilitary are resentful of the loss. My belief is genocide is the plan, and Ukraine is a key center in Europe like Mexico was last April in North America, for disseminating the lethal viruses like a vast centrifuge. Each stage involves a more deadly version, the pathogenesis of the pandemic, aided and abetted by the syndicate which includes the World Health Organization. Two South African j ournals (CLICK HERE or HERE). A US message board (CLICK HERE). A Sentinel Radio article (CLICK HERE). An America Online video (CLICK HERE). A David Icke weblog thread (CLICK HERE). An InfoWars pair of articles about special vaccines for leaders and martial law (CLICK HERE or HERE).

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What Schools Are Resorting to - Trying to Get Kids Vaccinated - Including One Boy Kicked Out - For the Truth of the Swine Flu Vaccine 12/19/09 7:05am

There are two different articles about what schools are doing, to try and get kids vaccinated and what one principle did to a boy wanting to educate the other kids about what is in the Swine Flu vaccine by giving out flyers.

One School has decided to try and entice the kids to get the Swine Flu Vaccine by giving Pizza Parties to the classes who have an 80% sign up rate. The parents have to sign a form consenting to their child getting vaccinated, when the school sent them out, only 10% consented. The school is not happy, so after Christmas vacation they will give pizza parties to the kids.

What propaganda, a child of course will Beg their parent to sign the consent form so they can have pizza in their class.

Personally, if I was one of those parents - I would fight it the other way! I would contact the other parents and Say "lets have our own pizza party for the Class - outside of school, for ALL who DO NOT Get the Vaccine"!!

The second story is about a Boy who peacefully wanted to enlighten the other students with FACTS on what is in the Swine Flu vaccine, by simply giving out flyers to those waiting in line for the vaccine. The whole story is on youtube by the student who was assaulted by the Principle and a Teacher.

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University of Hawaii Athletes Blindsided and Given Swine Flu Vaccine - After Coach Called Them In 12/18/09 7:30am

University of Hawaii Athletes Blindsided and Given Swine Flu Vaccine - After Coach Called Them In

This article and Story is Very Disturbing to me. As I read and understand the story - The University of Hawaii athletes were called in by the coach and then blindsided, as they were given the Swine Flu vaccine! The University did that, to get the other students to also have the vaccine.
The parents nor anyone else was notified - if I was a parent I would be completely Outraged, even though the students are over 18. Why did they blindside the athletes as they did?


University of Hawaii athletes were vaccinated with the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine yesterday as part of a state effort to encourage other young people to get the vaccine.

They just grabbed me in the student athletic center," said junior and football linebacker Aaron Rink, 22, who was treated to a dose of nasal spray vaccine.

Some Rainbow Wahine softball team members showed up for vaccinations at the Stan Sheriff Center, saying their coach had called them.

The H1N1 virus targets young people, but 19- to 24-year-olds -- a priority group for the vaccine -- have been slow to respond, said Dr. Sarah Park, state epidemiologist.

They have received only 3.84 percent of the vaccine available to date, a total of 3,518 doses.

Dr. Andrew Nichols, UH-Manoa head team physician and interim director of University Health Services, said many students had left the campus for the holidays before the vaccine arrived.

However, he said the school has several hundred doses now and is trying to get it to as many students as possible before they leave for winter vacation.

Softball players Stephanie Ricketts of San Jose, Calif., and Kelly Majam of San Diego, both sophomores, had the flu mist.

"I knew my mom would want me to," said Ricketts. "She's a nurse.

Teammate Alex Aguirre of Temple City, Calif., said she could not have nasal mist because she has asthma. She said she planned to see her doctor for an injection.

Park said the vaccine supply is starting to catch up with the demand for priority groups. Nasal spray expires sooner than the injectable vaccine, so the department has expanded its use for any healthy people ages 2 through 49 who are not pregnant.

Providers still are asked to follow federal guidelines for injectable vaccine for priority groups: pregnant women, those who live with infants under 6 months old, health care and emergency medical services workers, children and young adults ages 6 months through 24 years, and those 25 through 64 with underlying medical conditions.

Park said 471,400 H1N1 vaccine doses had been allocated to Hawaii as of yesterday, and 262,040 doses have either been shipped or are on their way to the 567 providers registered to give vaccinations.

The department set aside 77,460 doses for H1N1 school clinics, which will end early next month, and 42,547 students have been vaccinated.

Parents of college students returning from the mainland for the holidays are encouraged to get them vaccinated here because of problems getting the vaccine on the mainland, Park said.

Although H1N1 is waning on the mainland, Park said there are a lot of infections in Canada and that it is still circulating around the world.

"It's holding steady at a low level" in Hawaii, she said, "but we're not out of the woods. We have to be extra-vigilant. We are a global village now. We need to make sure people keep getting vaccinated."

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White Rain Had Been Reported in the U.K. in April - Still a Mystery! 12/17/09 1:21pm

This Article was Just found from April 2009 about A White Rain Mystery in the U.K. - it seems it was never tested for what chemicals and substances were in it!


A MYSTERY white substance that fell on parts of a town in Flintshire has left residents baffled.

People in Connah's Quay are at a loss to explain the so-called "white rain", which has been likened to talcum powder.

Residents in the Golftyn area of the town contacted the Leader on Friday after waking up to find the strange residue on their cars and washing.

One York Road resident said: "I was really concerned at first because I thought it could be corrosive or dangerous.

"The only way I can describe it is white rain. It looked like someone had thrown a flour bomb but on closer inspection it was definitely a strange kind of residue.

"You can see it everywhere – it's all over the cars in the street and it has covered our clothes washing.

"I've lived here for most of my life and I've never seen anything like it before. I think it might be some kind of pollution from local industry."

Cllr Macfarlane, who represents the Golftyn ward, said: "I honestly can't explain it. We have had some localised examples of this kind of thing in the past, but I wouldn't like to say what caused this.

"If people are concerned then it's something that needs to be looked into."

It is not the first time people living in Connah's Quay have raised concerns over mysterious substances falling on their town.

Last year, residents in Garthorpe Avenue noticed strange yellow spots appearing all over their cars, windows and washing.

Resident Dave Webster was so concerned at the effect that the strange spots could be having on his and his neighbours' health, he posted questionnaires through all the doors in his street, asking people to confirm whether they had experienced problems.

He received responses from almost all of the recipients confirming they had, and he contacted both the Environment Agency and Flintshire Council to see if some tests could be carried out.

Speaking when the problem was at its worst, Mr Webster said: "It started in early August. We found yellow spots all over our washing that had been drying on the line and they would not come off.

"There were also yellow spots all over our window sill, which are still there as they have burnt into the PVC, and yellow spots all over a lot of the cars in the street."

But despite months of meeting and inquiries, the source of the spots remains a mystery.

Notice there is nothing saying the White Rain WAS Tested!! Why Not?

More Pictures From Slovenia of White Rain with Email 12/17/09 12:51pm

The person from Slovenia was trying to get the drops up - so they could be sent for testing, they are having a bit of a problem. Here is the email from them.

Hi Sherrie!

Today I was going taking samples from the drops - but der is a problem, they wont get down, ther are so hard pasted-stuck on the surfaces, you cant get they down!! I was scrape the drops with a razor blade and after a good time of scraping, they are get into white dust. They are not get into smal pieces, particles but into white dust. So I cant take samples, only so, when I take a wet piece wadding and wipe it up, other ways its not going. But I dont now if this is then ok, if such a samples are then ok? What are you think.
And after them I was taking a piece wadding with alcohol 96% and wipe-rubbing this drops with it and the white colour was down and the drops became fully clear!! - under the white colour of the drops is a fully clear drop, like a clear gelatine, but hard as a stone!! For this reason they wont get down!! We was so wondering about this. Never we saw such a thing! I was drove today arond with the car and everywhere are the roads full of this white drops, they dont get down. And how many such a drops are around in the nature, on the fields, in the gardens...and everywhere!! And what is this??
Here I send you pictures from today, how the drops are now look like on the car and how they look like after the rubbing with the 96% alcohol- (picture 1194), you can see it well.

Kind regards from Slovenia!

I asked them, to Not touch the samples with their hands - Also - if there is another time to get fresh samples - get them then. At this time, is does not look like we will get the samples tested from last weeks White Rain.

CDC Using 1970's Testing of Vaccine for Giving the Go Ahead for Pregnant Women to Get the Swine Flu Vaccine!? Outrageous! 12/17/09 12:00pm

Considering that Victoria Nicks gave me Information in an Email that was NOT previously disclosed nor Mentioned in ANY Article I have seen or read anywhere, is very disturbing!
The email postings is here, it was due to her taking exception to my posting here.

Victoria Nicks (an Examiner reporter) has since emailed me, trying to back track on the year of the CDC study.

To me it does not matter if it was 1976 (her first email) or 1973 (another email from her to me - as correct the year) - the FACT is that the CDC is using testings from that time to say the current Swine Flu Vaccine is safe for Pregnant women!

This also brings up other issues. How could the CDC base the safeness of the current Swine Flu vaccine - considering it was Just created (supposedly) on a 1976 or 1973 study? It is Not the Same Vaccine, is it?

Also, have they publicly released that 1970's study of 2000 women showing not TOO MANY TUMORS in the babies? I would also like to know what "Not Too Many Tumors" means exactly? Does that mean the Vaccine Caused tumors in the babies of pregnant women? Were they malignant? How are those children doing now? Has anybody actually followed their health situations since the 1970's, when the mothers were vaccinated?

These are all questions that should be brought up!!



I don't believe Victoria Nicks meant to give me that information, I believe it was being used as a Defense for her articles and my implying she is following the CDC's recommendations in her articles.

I encourage everyone to make up their own minds - as her defense is inserted in her email to me and articles of hers are linked in the other posting I have linked above.

I am NOT sorry for anything I have posted and I WILL CONTINUE to try and Find the TRUTH of what is happening, even if it is UPSETTING Some people! I read the articles as I do and I LINK the articles in all the postings, unless it is something that is best not linked for the protection of the site/person, etc.

People can always make up their OWN minds on what they read.

Also, considering Victoria Nicks, does not want me to post my impressions of her articles, I will say "I have never seen a law, where people can not write about what they have read and their opinions on it". I will continue to do as I have done. I will not Insert one of her articles again in my blog - BUT if I ever read something of hers that I think is slanted in a certain way, I will Freely post my thoughts about it, while linking it, so people can read it and see what I may be talking about.

CDC needs to come out and Proclaim that the Recommendation of the Swine Flu is based on 1970s data and is NOT current - if of course what Victoria Nicks emailed me is indeed fact.

If what she emailed me is not Fact... you will see I did not make it up, since her email to me is saved and inserted in a posting linked above. (Update - her email is now off the site - due to her claiming it is copyrighted and Very Upset I had posted it. Gosh - you would think a defense of a side, someone would want posted - but I guess not. )

China succeeds in developing herbal medication to treat A/H1N1 flu 12/17/09 8:47am

China succeeds in developing herbal medication to treat A/H1N1 flu

I had read a couple of months ago, about Ditan Hospital treating people with H1N1 flu with a tea and that is cured them.

I have been meaning to put that information in here - the ingredients were released at the time the first report came out. The ingredients are not in this article, BUT I can tell you what they are. I had gone to a Chinese store last month and got them. It is actually a combination of various teas.

The ingredients for the tea is:

Licorice (I got the pieces in a bag and grind them for the tea)
Galanga - at the Chinese Store the Oriental lady, said this was what is in the tea (another name) used.

Original article from July with the list of ingredients:

Article linked in Original Headline:

BEIJING, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- Chinese medical specialists announced Thursday they had developed a Chinese herbal medication to treat the A/H1N1 flu.

Seven months of scientific and clinical studies showed the remedy, called "Jin Hua Qing Gan Fang," was effective in treating A/H1N1 flu patients, said Wang Chen, president of Beijing's Chaoyang Hospital.

"It can shorten patients' fever period and improve their respiratory systems. Doctors have found no negative effects on patients who were treated in this way," he said.

"It is also very cheap, only about a quarter of the cost of Tamiflu," he said at a press conference held by the Beijing Municipal Government.

Tamiflu, a product of Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding, was recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the treatment of the A/H1N1 flu.

"The municipal government has gathered the most outstanding medical experts in the Chinese capital to develop the new medication," Zhao Jing, director of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said at the press conference.

Over the past seven months, more than 120 medical specialists, led by academicians Wang Yongyan and Li Lianda from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, had participated in the research, she said.

The municipal government earmarked 10 million yuan (1.47 million U.S. dollars) for the project, she said.

"Medical experts proved the effectiveness of Jin Hua in treating A/H1N1 flu from both the basic scientific studies and clinical studies," she said.

The basic scientific studies lasted for almost five months and were conducted by experts from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Beijing University of Technology.

"In vivo and in vitro, experiments on mice and rabbits show JinHua can bring down a fever and resist the A/H1N1 flu virus," said Huang Luqi, vice president of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

Thursday's Beijing Daily hailed the new herbal medication as the "world's first traditional Chinese medicine to treat the A/H1N1 flu".

Citing medical officials, the paper said "Jin Hua" was picked from among more than 100 classic anti-flu prescriptions based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

"Science workers proved its effectiveness through medical experiments on more than 4,000 mice and clinical studies on 410 patients with slight A/H1N1 flu syndrome," it said.

The "Jin Hua" prescription had been adopted in many local traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, it said.

Zhao Jing said 11 hospitals nationwide, including Chaoyang Hospital and Ditan Hospital in Beijing, had conducted clinical studies on "Jin Hua" and gave positive assessments.

"We are applying for patents for 'Jin Hua' both at home and abroad," she said.

"We are further developing the medicine and trying to present it to the whole country and world as soon as possible, thus offering an alternative to treat the A/H1N1 flu," she said.

The Chinese mainland has reported almost 108,000 A/H1N1 flu cases, including 442 deaths, according to the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Cris Tunon, senior program management officer at the WHO Representative Office in China, said Thursday the "WHO welcomes the clinical results," as the traditional Chinese medicine offered a low-cost treatment of A/H1N1 flu.

Germany and Spain Want to Return Unused Swine Flu Vaccines To Pharma's - Pharma's Don't Want Any Part of That - Hurts Their Profits! 12/17/09 8:37am

Germany and Spain want to return unused Swine Flu vaccines to the Manufacturers, but the companies Do Not Want that to Happen! It would Cut into their BILLIONS of Profits they are making from the sale of the Swine Flu Vaccine!

Link to Article here

* German states discussing reduced deliveries with Glaxo

* Spain aims to return unused vaccine to various companies

* Move reflects slow uptake, could hit company profits

By Ben Hirschler and Kate Kelland

LONDON, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Germany and Spain want to reduce deliveries of swine flu vaccine and potentially return excess supplies to manufacturers, due to low uptake of the shots, in a move that could hit drugmakers' profits.

Germany's health ministry said on Thursday that some German states had been in talks with Britain's GlaxoSmithKline about reducing deliveries of H1N1 vaccine, but the talks had as yet yielded no results.

The German federal government will also start negotiations in January with other countries that might be interested in taking some of its excess supplies, he added.

Germany said earlier this month it wanted to sell on more than 2 million H1N1 vaccine doses because of weak demand at home.

Spain's health minister Trinidad Jimenez said her country was negotiating with the producers of H1N1 vaccine to return excess stock, after people considered at high-risk from the new flu virus largely snubbed a vaccination campaign.

"We are speaking with the pharmaceutical companies" about returning unused vaccine, specialist news service APM Health Europe quoted her as saying.

"The contracts signed with the companies from which we acquired the vaccines included clauses which allow the return of unused vaccines to the companies so they can be distributed to other countries," Jimenez added.

Germany ordered 50 million doses of H1N1 vaccine from Glaxo, while Spain bought 22 million doses from Novartis, 14.7 million from Glaxo and 400,000 from Sanofi-Aventis.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley said revenues generated from swine flu were expected to total $600 million for Novartis, 2.2 billion pounds ($3.6 billion) for Glaxo and 750 million euros ($1.1 billion) for Sanofi, to be booked in the last quarter of 2009 and first three months of 2010.

"The return of excess quantities by Germany and Spain creates downside risk of up to 15 percent of total swine flu revenues for these companies," they said.

Officials at the drug companies were not immediately available to comment. (Additional reporting by Thorsten Severin in Berlin; Editing by Sharon Lindores) ($1=.6115 Pound) ($1=.6942 Euro)

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Email From Victoria Nicks to Me, Regarding my Dec. 8th Post 12/16/09

Vicky Nicks a writer at the Examiner, emailed me regarding my post about her and the articles she has written. Someone brought it to her attention. The post is here - which she refers to.

I will Always be up front and honest with everyone, even when I receive something back from someone I have posted about. The following is an email I received from Vicky Nicks and I have not changed it one dot or word etc. At the end is my reply back to her. Everyone can make up their own mind and decide for themselves if I was right or wrong in posting what I did on the 8th.

Victoria Nick's Email to Me

UPDATE 12/17/09 12:35PM

I had inserted Victoria Nick's email to me in full and unchanged from it being sent to me. BUT it seems that it UPSET Her Tremendously (even though I was putting her defense in the blog from my earlier posting). She emailed me saying "I was violating Copyright Laws" by inserting it. The link she gave me, so I could research email copyright laws, did not work. SO - I have deleted it as she has asked, thus her own defense is not put up here. I like all sides of a story to be seen, so people can make up their own mind. So, you will have my thoughts only about her email and her defense of my previous posting. (End of Update)

My Email Back to Her

Hi Vicky,

Vicky, I had noticed that most of your articles always refers to Dr. Niman's site as a reference for your information (in fact Dr. Niman's site is the Only site the MSM uses as a source of information). With that in consideration, and considering Dr. Niman's company and website is about working for the creation of vaccines. Besides the research I have been doing on him, brings up many questions about where his loyalties lay, and what his company really focuses on. Considering he very much promotes vaccines and some how he gets information others do not from WHO.

I read your articles and noticed a reoccurring theme, also we all read things in various ways. Now you are mentioning the CDC did a study from 2000 women from 1976 - you did NOT mention that in your article! It seems, if that is Fact - you should have said that it was Based from 1976!! That is completely irresponsible of the CDC to recommend it to pregnant women from a vaccine that was created in 1976, in my opinion!!

Also in being a reporter with that Information - then why did you not Question (as I am right now) about the vaccine being supposedly different now than in 1976? The 1976 vaccines were proven to cause more damage and deaths than the Swine Flu that year! That is HUGE information - that I have not seen in your articles and did not know before! You just gave me information that should be yelled across the Air ways!! The 1976 vaccine was Lethal and the CDC USED that for Recommending to Pregnant Women, because the babies did not get TOO MANY tumors?! That is NUTS!!

Funny, how you are taking exception to the fact I have read your articles and have taken them as a slant to promote the Swine Flu vaccine and you think I have twisted them. Now a question - doesn't the Main Stream Media twist things all the time? Don't they read or report something the way they want people to hear the news? I simply read your articles and did not twist your words, I in fact linked them, so people could read them, themselves and get out of it what they would. I am honest in my reporting.

I did realize the mistake in linking you to Dr. Taubenberger - after I found another article on it, ( - my additional insertion here - for clarification - not in email to her: and found you were not the original source of the article) and I will admit, I meant to correct that sentence, sorry I did not.

I will put your email up on my blog and my reply, so you will see I have nothing to hide and am quite willing to admit a mistake (additional insert here in post: regarding Dr. Taubenberger's results) and also show everyone your defense.

I believe in showing both sides of a story and letting people make up their own minds and think of it what they will, also I don't have an agenda from others (corporation owners, PTB, etc) for getting information out in only one way to make people believe something that may not be the real truth of the matter. I am only speaking about myself and not referring in that statement to anyone else.



I have since received Another Email from Vicky Nicks - she has said I have Violated copyright laws by putting any of her articles in my Blog, by inserting the words of it - Even though she said in "most cases" I linked them. I of course Informed her in ALL Cases they were linked - but it was the Norm for MSM to IMPLY something that was completely False! So I will be taking Out ALL of her articles - EXCEPT for the Dec. 8th Posting of mine with her articles Linked only.

Also I encourage everyone to go to the links I inserted in my Dec. 8th posts and decide for yourself on what she wrote and what it implies to you! Also in the email, is more information than what is in the articles!

I am VERY Interested in the Fact CDC used the 1976 Vaccine as the criteria for Pregnant women getting vaccinated! So does that mean the Vaccine today is the same LETHAL Vaccine from 1976 - if the CDC used that for the recommendation?

UPDATE 12/17/09 11;46am - Vicky Nicks Once again emailed me - saying She miss wrote the 1976 in her previous email regarding CDC and the testing for pregnant women - she had meant to put 1973. I am guessing she realized her mistake of informing us of the 1976 CDC testings on Pregnant women and that it did not show TOO MANY tumors on the babies (my thought there should not be Even One), considering that was No where in the article of information she had written for the Examiner.

I guess trying to back track and correct releasing of previously Unknown information is the aim.

I will also Say - If the CDC is Using ANY information that is 30 to 40 years old of testings and NOT On testings of the CURRENT Swine Flu Vaccine - SOMETHING IS MAJORLY WRONG WITH THAT!! Anybody who is a REAL Reporter should be QUESTIONING That decision of CDC to use testings from the 1970s!! They are recommending the Swine Flu vaccine for Women who are carrying children, which mean the world to them - on OUTDATED Testings?

That information in itself Needs to GET OUT To the Public!! Pregnant Women need to BEWARE of the Swine Flu Vaccine - it is NOT CURRENTLY TESTED!!

Slovenia White Rain Samples are Going to Be Tested 12/16/09 5:26pm

The person from Slovenia is sending the samples to someone for the "White Grit Rain" to be tested.

They are sending them out of the country, so it may take awhile for the testing and results to get done.

I will post the results of the test when they are available.

I will be asking the people from Poland to try and get their sample of the White Rain there and send it to the same place the Slovenia people will be sending it to.

Prof. from Israel suggest most people should Not get the Swine Flu Vaccine 12/16/09 4:57pm

He is basing his suggestion on what Bacteria would do, as a story line.


Bacteria inhabited our planet for more than 4 billion years before humans showed up, and they'll probably outlive us by as many eons more. That suggests they may have something to teach us.

New research from Tel Aviv University bacteria expert Prof. Eshel Ben-Jacob of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Physics and Astronomy, grounded in the study of bacteria, presents compelling evidence to suggest there may be good reasons why most people should not automatically opt for the swine flu H1N1 shot.

In research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Prof. Ben Jacob uses the decision-making of bacteria, an analogue of "game theory," as a model to make his case.

"Unlike our health authorities, bacteria would never panic," he says. "Bacteria don't follow the media or watch cable news. Instead, they send chemical messages to each other –– in a colony 100 times larger than the earth's human population –– to make their decisions. And based on what we've seen in bacterial colonies, I know they would be suspicious committing to swine flu shots. They wouldn't opt for a colony wide vaccination," Prof. Ben Jacob concludes.

The prisoner's dilemma

The new research, done in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Schultz, a postdoctoral fellow at TAU, and Profs. José Onuchic and Peter Wolynes at the University of California/San Diego, not only provides a paradigm for assessing responses to health emergencies, it may also provide investors with insight into how to manage stock portfolios.

In the PNAS paper, the scientists explored how microscopic creatures living in large colonies decide their fate in adverse times under complicated and life threatening conditions. They found that bacteria communicate through chemical signals and reach decisions in sophisticated ways, using an elaborate network of genes and proteins to calculate complex possibilities, as in "game theory."

In essence, in life or death situations, bacteria employ more advanced tactics than those used to solve the classic problem known as "the prisoner's dilemma." This may account for their colony's resilience. In the classic problem, two prisoners are asked to betray each other. If one testifies against the other and the other remains silent, the betrayer goes free and the silent one (the prisoner loyal to his friend), will get 10 years in prison. If both remain silent (and cooperate with each other), they are sentenced to only one year in jail. If each one betrays the other, both will be sentenced to 5 years in jail. The temptation, of course, is to betray — but neither prisoner can be sure what the other will say, and could risk five years in jail.

In the case of bacteria, there are not two but hundreds of billions of participants with a limited time to decide whether to deal with a stress situation by all turning into spores. Each bacterium has to decide whether it will cooperate or not. Unlike the prisoners, there is a clock ticking away. And each bacterium must quickly send out chemical messages to its peer cells about its intentions.

Bacteria "usually don't lie" about their own plans, Prof. Ben Jacob says, but the minority that do have a chance of surviving won't cheat to postpone the decision of others. The scientists' new article presents a model that decodes how bacteria use the gene-and-protein networks to calculate risks and the game theory principles they employ.

Maintaining a delicate balance

Americans uncertain about getting the H1N1 flu shot because they've heard about potentially dangerous side effects also face the prisoner's dilemma. Perhaps it's better not to get the shot, one may think, because if everybody else is vaccinated, the virus will be wiped out before it reaches me.

"The simple rule we learned from bacteria is that anybody who has to make an important decision — especially one of life and death at times of stress — should wait to see the trend of changes, process the risks and odds in depth, and only then decide," says Prof. Ben-Jacob.

Based on what he and his colleagues learned about bacteria, he imagines that bacteria might offer this counsel regarding the flu shot: "They might suggest that only people who have widespread and intense contact with many others, such as business travellers and teachers, should get the shot. Those who are most likely to spread the virus should be vaccinated.

"Bacteria don't take risks like we do and the results have paid off. They are super-successful, more than any creature on earth. They wouldn't abuse the stock market, and would never invest beyond their means. I am also pretty sure most would not rush to get the flu shot, if given the choice," he concludes. "They know how to keep a delicate balance."

An Official Release From Ukraine Health Minister Regarding WHO testing of Epidemic - Adding a Very Interesting News Article -Ukraine12/16/09 8:38am

Ukraine's Health Minister Released an official report on WHO testing of those sick in Ukraine. The translation is what might have convoluted the "dead" number from H1N1 - it seems to say one thing, then another number. So I am not sure if it is ONLY One of the dead that tested positive for H1N1 or 202. Also notice of the 2494 samples taken ONLY 466 had H1N1!!! What did the REST have? That information was not released in this statement!

In Ukraine since the beginning of the epidemic rise in the incidence of influenza and ARI registered 2 546 622 cases of influenza and acute respiratory infections.

За розрахунковими даними завершено курс лікування у 2 056 163 (81%) хворих. According to the settlement completed treatment in 2 056 163 (81%) patients. Продовжує хворіти 490 459 осіб. Continues to sicken 490 459 persons. За весь період госпіталізовано - 151 660 хворих. For the entire period of hospital - 151 660 patients. Виписано із стаціонарів 119 740 хворих. Discharged from hospitals 119 740 patients. На стаціонарному лікуванні перебуває 30 920 хворих. At the hospital is 30 920 patients. Померло від ускладнень - 501 особа. Died of complications - 501 person.

Методами, рекомендованими ВООЗ відібрано зразки для аналізу у 2494 осіб, у тому числі від померлих - 395. Methods recommended by WHO selected samples for analysis in 2494 people, including the dead - 395. Закінчено аналіз зразків від 962 осіб, з них від померлих 304. Completed analysis of samples from 962 people, including 304 from the dead. Лабораторно підтверджено 466 випадків пандемічного грипу А H1N1 Каліфорнія, з них у померлих - 202. 466 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza A H1N1 California, one of the dead - 202.

На минулому 50 тижні епідемічних спостережень та з початком поточного 51 тенденція до зростання числа захворювань намітилася практично на всій території України за винятком областей західного регіону: Закарпатської, Львівської, Івано-Франківської, Чернівецької, Тернопільської та Хмельницької. In the past 50 weeks epidemiological observations and the beginning of the current trend of 51 to increase the number of cases observed virtually throughout the territory of Ukraine except western oblasts Region: Transcarpathia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Khmelnytsky.

Епідемічні пороги перевищені у АР Крим, Вінницькій, Волинській, Запорізькій, Дніпропетровській, Донецькій, Кіровоградській, Луганській, Миколаївській, Полтавській, Сумській, Черкаській областях та м. Севастополі. Exceeded the epidemic threshold in the Crimea, Vinnytsia, Volyn, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kirovohrad, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Sumy, Cherkasy regions and Sevastopol. Найбільша добова кількість захворілих зареєстрована у Дніпропетровській (12745 осіб) та Донецькій (7465) областях. The largest daily number of cases registered in Dnipropetrovsk (12745 people) and Donetsk (7465) areas.

Зростання показників захворюваності у всіх регіонах відбувається в основному за рахунок зростання кількості хворих з числа дитячих контингентів шкільного віку. Growth rates of all regions is mainly due to increase in the number of patients among school-age children's contingents.

Серед областей, які не досягли епідемічного порогу: у Київській епідемічний поріг перевищено на 5 з 27 адміністративних одиниць, Житомирській - 9 з 25, Закарпатській - 5 з 15, Львівській - 7 з 27, Рівненській - 6 з 18, Одеській - 1 з 31, Херсонській - 4 з 20, Харківській - 8 з 30. Among the areas that have not reached the epidemic threshold: in Kyiv epidemic threshold for 5 to 27 administrative units, Zhytomyr - 9 of 25, Transcarpathian - 5 / 15, Lviv - 7 to 27, Rivne - 6 of 18, Odessa - 1 of 31 , Kherson - 4 of 20, Kharkov - 8 of 30.

На території Івано-Франківської, Тернопільської, Хмельницької та Чернівецької областей перевищення епідемічних порогів не фіксується у жодній адміністративній одиниці. In the Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions exceeded the epidemic threshold is not fixed in any administrative unit.

З десяти контрольних по захворюваності на грип та ГРВІ міст України, у яких проводяться багаторічні моніторингові спостереження (Вінниця, Дніпропетровськ, Донецьк, Запоріжжя, Київ, Львів, Одеса, Сімферополь, Харків, Чернігів), епідемічний поріг перевищено у п'яти з них - Вінниці, Дніпропетровську, Донецьку, Запоріжжі та Сімферополі. In ten control on the incidence of influenza and ARI cities of Ukraine, which are long-term monitoring observation (Vinnytsya, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Simferopol, Kharkov, Chernigov), epidemic threshold in five of them -- Vinnytsya, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Simferopol.

Прес-служба МОЗ України за інформацією Державної санітарно-епідеміологічної служби України Press Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on information of the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of Ukraine

UPDATED 12/16/09 8:54AM

I want to add an interesting News Tidbit about Ukraine, the reason is: I question - Who was this shipment for? The military there - or a revolution fraction, or a Russian fraction? The information regarding this shipment bears watching, does one thing have to do with another?

News found:

Plane with arms bound for Ukraine was detained in Thailand

A cargo plane full of North Korean weapons, detained in Thailand after an emergency landing at Bangkok airport, was bound for Ukraine, the Thai news agency TNA reported on Sunday.

Thai authorities on Saturday seized about 40 tons of weapons from an Il-76 cargo plane which they said had come from North Korea after it landed for refueling at Bangkok's Don Muang airport, and arrested its five crew members.

Ukraine said later on Sunday that it is checking the reports on the plane. "The information on this score is being verified," a Foreign Ministry official said.

The aircraft's weapons arsenal included missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.

According to TNA, the plane's crew commander, a Belarusian national, said during a six-hour interrogation that the plane had flown from Ukraine and loaded weapons in North Korea.

The plane's commander said the aircraft refueled in Azerbaijan, then in the United Arab Emirates and after that in Thailand while en route to Pyongyang. On its way back, the plane was intended to refuel in Thailand and Sri Lanka, following which the cargo was expected to be delivered to Ukraine, TNA reported.

The plane's commander claimed that neither he, nor the other crewmembers who are Kazakh nationals knew about the military nature of the cargo.

Thai authorities accuse the crew of the plane, which is registered in Georgia, of illegal storage and transportation of weapons and misinformation, TNA reported. A United Nations resolution bans the transportation of certain weapons, including conventional arms, from or to North Korea.

The communist state is in the center of a long-running international dispute on its nuclear program.

The seizure came days after the U.S. presidential envoy's rare visit to North Korea designed to persuade Pyongyang to return to six-nation nuclear disarmament talks. Both parties said after the trip they understood the need to resume the talks.

TNA said Thai authorities were preparing a report for the UN on the arrest of the plane with.

Ukraine Numbers Are on the Increase Once More - Epidemic Threshold Being Reached - Large increases of Sickness Overnight 12/16/09 8:17am

The Official numbers of those getting sick are once again increasing in Ukraine. The color codings on the Health Minister's website, are showing the epidemic thresholds are increasing.

I would very much like to know, if the spraying which occurred was "white grit rain/snow" as being reported in Poland and Solvenia.


2,690,563 SICK


507 DEAD


On the medical forum board in Ukraine, I am seeing people posting their children and family members are sick once again. High temperatures with coughing are the number one complaint. They are going to doctors, but the doctors are not testing them and simply giving them Tamiflu prescriptions. People are beginning to get concerned once more. Some areas are closing the schools again.

Obviously Ukraine bears watching closely once more.

I would seriously like to know what the Hell is being sprayed in Poland and Solvenia. I have asked the Solvenia person, if there is anyway of getting the "White Grit Rain/Snow" tested? Did this same type "White Grit" Rain in Ukraine at the beginning of all of this. I have asked those in Poland and Solvenia to keep me informed on any outbreak of sickness.

Considering, the economic expectations I have been reading about for Eastern Europe - along with Greece... the real information is the fact there is a predicted default for many of those countries in the not too distant future. (I research and look at all the Real economic situations around the world, every day) Yesterday I saw charts and economic data, suggesting many countries in Europe will be having to declare insolvency in 2010.

Sickness to reign so chaos and riots do not rule?

Email From Poland - Same Type Rain and Spots Are Occurring 12/16/09 6:59am

I just received an email from Poland. This person saw the pictures of Slovenia's White Grit Rain and realized they too had the same thing happening.

If people from other countries around there are also having a "White Grit Rain or Snow" please contact me.

There seems to be more verifications of White Goo following low flying planes in the Eastern European area.

Here is the email:

Hi Sherrie, I've asked You some time about the M3 masks- thanks for the help -I've already got one and some hard case filters also. but thats not the reason I'm writing - some days ago before it stared to snow here in Poland (I live near Wrocław) I saw similar white spots on my car- I thought it could be bird shit but now that I sea those pictures from slovenia and from that car window I know it was not from birds.... and it was even much bigger and my car was just covered with this. Second thing is that since about 4-5 weeks I constantly hear a low flying plane... I can hear one plane between 10-11 pm and in the morning 5-6. I tell You- the sound is like from a WWII bomber :) You just cant overhear it. I told this to my friend who lives some 10 km away from me and as he heard "plane" he said "yea , I hear one 22-23 -and the next one in the morning- so theres got to be more flying than just one over me. When i see some spots like those from Slovenia I'll send them to You.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Very Close Pictures from Slovenia - You can see it Well - 12/15/09 5:30pm

Here are more pictures - from a car window, very close up from Slovenia. Again, click on the picture and it will get larger. You can see the grit in the glob. This reminds me of the rain that was featured on Unsolved Mysteries and I had posted about last week.

An Up Close Picture of White Rain in Slovenia 12/15/09 4:26PM

They just sent me an up close picture, this is the biggest the blog will let me insert. But Click on the picture and it will get Huge for you.

Update on Slovenia White Grit Rain - Pictures 12/15/09 2:50PM

I had asked for up close pictures of the White Grit Rain.

I just got these in an email of it.

Email with the pictures included.

Hi Sherrie!
Thanks for your email. Here I send you some close pictures from the drops. We dont now what a substance this is, we never saw such a thing!!
Kind regards from Slovenia!

800,000 Child's Swine Flu Vaccine, Recalled - NOT Strong Enough! 12/15/09 1:32pm

800,000 Child's Swine Flu Vaccine, Recalled - NOT Strong Enough!

Something does not Seem Right about this! The vaccine maker recalled all of those voluntarily due to the vaccines not being strong enough? Considering pharma companies do not do things like that, in fact lots of people normally have to die, before they even admit something is wrong with a medication of theirs. So why the change of heart? Did they Forget to put something in the vaccine? I don't trust this as being recalled due to strength at all - but that is just me.


ATLANTA — Hundreds of thousands of swine flu shots for children have been recalled because tests indicate the vaccine doses lost some strength, government health officials said Tuesday.

The recall is for about 800,000 pre-filled syringes intended for young children, ages 6 months to nearly 3 years. The shots, made by Sanofi Pasteur, were distributed across the country last month and most have already been used, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Doctors were notified of the voluntary recall on Tuesday. Dr. Anne Schuchat, a CDC flu expert, stressed that parents don't need to do anything or to worry. The vaccine is still safe, she said.

The issue is the vaccine's strength. Tests done before the shots were shipped showed that the vaccines were strong enough. But tests done weeks later indicated the strength had fallen slightly below required levels. Why the potency dropped isn't clear.

Children in that age group are supposed to get two doses, spaced about a month apart. Health officials don't think children need to get vaccinated again, even if they got two doses from the same lots, said Schuchat.

Swine flu vaccine has been available since early October, and since then manufacturers have released about 95 million doses for distribution in the United States.

The recalled shots were made by Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of France-based Sanofi-Aventis Group. The company reported the potency findings to the government officials and did a voluntary recall. A Sanofi Pasteur representative could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

Sanofi Pasteur bills itself as the No. 1 manufacturer of flu vaccines in the world. It makes flu vaccine at sites in France and in Pennsylvania.

Updated Email from Slovenia - Flu Like Symptoms Now Showing Up 12/15/09 8:02am

Updated Email from Slovenia - Flu Like Symptoms Now Showing Up

Some people have emailed me asking exactly where the person is that has reported the White Grit rain, as they live in the area.

I asked the person in an email where they live, they have reported back. They have also reported, people are starting to have flu like symptoms.

I am simply reporting on this, I have asked if it is possible to get more of an up close picture. The person has said the grit is still there.

Email from this morning from Slovenia

Hi Scherrie!

I live in nordeast Slovenia, the landscapes name is Prekmurje. From us is the border to Austria about 55km far.
The white drops are still on the roads, yesterday it was snowing all day long, but they dont get down. After this white rain - on Dec.12.2009 we had strong feeling of burn in the throat and this for a long time.
Sorry, my english is not very good, I speak german very good. We often read on your site, there are many good informations and so we now the news what is happening.
From about 3 weeks ago we also see very low flying airplanes and about 3-4 days after this, many, many people get sick - the symptomps like by flu!!

Kind regards from Slovenia!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Group Demonstrated to Get People Aware to Not Take Swine Flu Vaccine 12/14/09 6:07pm

Group Demonstrated to Get People Aware to Not Take Swine Flu Vaccine

I love this kind of information!

People getting involved to try to inform and help others and raise their voices for what they feel is right!


DEMONSTRATORS marched through Edinburgh yesterday to protest against the swine flu vaccination programme.
The group believes the H1N1 epidemic is not as serious as claimed and have concerns about the safety and usefulness of the vaccine.

About 80 people marched along the Royal Mile from St Giles' Cathedral to the Parliament.

Organiser Claire Knox said they hoped the protest would encourage people to think twice about getting the vaccine.

She believes figures for the numbers of people suffering swine flu are not accurate and questioned the necessity for vaccination.

She said: "We're not sure there is a pandemic as it seems the numbers are exaggerated. It appears swine flu is very mild and there are very few cases and I would like to know why they are trying to enforce this vaccination campaign on us.

"The vaccine has not gone through full length testing so there are safety concerns. We just want to highlight the discrepancies and manipulation of numbers so people question whether they need the vaccine."

Email from Slovenia to Me - About Low Flying Planes 2 Days Ago - Grit Rain - Videos 12/13/09 8:32am

Email from Slovenia to Me - About Low Flying Planes 2 Days Ago - Grit Rain - Videos

I have been busy with my Precious child doing Pre - Christmas events and did not have time to do postings over the last 3 days.

Today, I received this Email from Slovenia - the person linked youtube videos.
the videos is of them walking along the road, you can see white spots on the road, which I assume is the "White Grit Rain" that is in the email.

This is someone is writing in English, though it is not their main language.

Email to Me:

Hello Sherrie!

We often read your side, so that we so now the news. We read too about the spraying planes... I will write you, what is happened by us in ouer town on 12.Dec.2009 in the morning. It was a little snowing and then bigann to fall a white rain, we never so such a rain. It was white and big drops and its stick very hard on the surface wher is fall down. And in this drops you can see little, little like grains, like grits. The surface of the drops is not flat, but humpy, knobby. We never so such thing like this!! What this is, what was here sprayed, we dont now!! Everything is full of this drops, the roads, the cars, the roofs, the hole wide area, kilometers and kilometers.....
On 9.Dec.2009 in the evening at 19:15h, it was quite dark, we see a plane that fly very, very low, we was wondering why its fly so low!! Never fly the planes in the evening by us so low. We dont now what a type of plane it was, we cant see it. Here I send you some photographs how the drops look like and I send you too 2 links from my videos on Youtube, how this drops are on the roads and how they look like.

Kind regards from Slovenia!

We will need to pay attention to any sickness now in the area, where the H1N1 "turns" into Bacteria Pneumonia.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Questioning About WHO and the Vaccines and the Declaration of a Level 6 Pandemic - When no need 12/10/09 10:46am

More Questioning About WHO and the Vaccines and the Declaration of a Level 6 Pandemic - When no need


World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic of swine influenza in the interest of large pharmaceutical companies. С таким обвинением выступили ученые из нескольких стран, которые считают, что на эпидемии фармацевты заработали до 7 млрд евро. With such charges were made by scientists from several countries, who believe that the epidemics of pharmacists earn up to 7 billion euros. При этом нигде в мире смертность от свиного гриппа не превысила смертности от гриппа сезонного, тогда как в ВОЗ настаивают, что эпидемия была объявлена по всем правилам, пишет "КоммерсантЪ" . At the same time anywhere in the world death rate from swine flu has not exceeded deaths from seasonal flu, while the WHO insisted that the epidemic was declared by all the rules, writes "Kommersant".

Английская газета Тhe Guardian и ряд европейских СМИ опубликовали мнения независимых эпидемиологов – англичанина Тома Джефферсона из независимой ассоциации ученых Cochrane Collaboration и его коллеги из США Уильяма Энгдаля, – обвинивших ВОЗ в завышении опасности свиного гриппа. The British newspaper Guardian Òhe and some European media have published the views of independent epidemiologists - Englishman Thomas Jefferson from the independent association of scientists Cochrane Collaboration and his colleagues from the United States William Engdahl, - accuse the WHO of inflating the risk of swine flu. Ученые считают, что ведущие эксперты ВОЗ связаны с фармацевтическими компаниями. Scientists believe that the WHO's lead expert associated with the pharmaceutical companies. По мнению господина Джефферсона, целая группа экспертов ВОЗ, в частности возглавляющий стратегическую группу советников по гриппу британский профессор Дэвид Солсбери, "получает в них зарплату и действует в их интересах". According to Mr. Jefferson, a team of WHO experts, in particular the head of strategic advisory group on Influenza British Professor David Salisbury, "gets them a salary and working with them."

Независимые эксперты уверены, что панику вокруг вируса A/H1N1 спровоцировал эксперт ВОЗ, вирусолог из Нидерландов Альберт Остенхаус, который получил в профессиональных кругах прозвище Доктор Грипп. Independent experts believe that the panic over the virus A/H1N1 provoked expert WHO virologist from the Netherlands, Albert Ostenhaus, which has been in professional circles the nickname Dr. Influenza. Господин Остенхаус много раз заявлял о смертельной опасности свиного гриппа и призывал страны Европы к массовой вакцинации. Mr. Ostenhaus many occasions expressed deadly swine flu and urged European countries to mass vaccination.

По мнению независимых ученых, такая политика привела к тому, что ВОЗ в июне этого года объявила о повышении угрозы пандемии свиного гриппа до максимального, шестого уровня в интересах бизнес-структур, хотя уровень смертности от этого заболевания не превышал смертности от обычного сезонного гриппа. According to independent scientists, such policies have led to the fact that the WHO in June this year, announced the upgrade of the threat of swine flu pandemic to the maximum, the sixth level in the interests of business structures, although the mortality rate from this disease did not exceed the death rate from normal seasonal influenza. По последним данным ВОЗ, в мире от него скончалось 7826 человек. According to the latest WHO data, in the world of him died 7826 people. Последний раз ВОЗ объявляла о шестом уровне пандемии в 1968 году, когда от гонконгского штамма вируса гриппа умерло около 1 млн человек. The last time the WHO announced on the sixth level of the pandemic in 1968, when the Hong Kong strain of influenza virus have died around 1 million people.

Решение ВОЗ объявить пандемию вызвало панику во всем мире. WHO's decision to declare a pandemic caused panic around the world. Правительства разных стран выделили на закупку препаратов от свиного гриппа не менее 7 млрд евро. Governments of various countries contributed to the purchase of drugs from the swine flu at least 7 billion euros. При этом организация настойчиво рекомендовала для профилактики и лечения заболевания только два препарата – производимый компанией Roche Tamiflu и "Релензу" (производитель – GlaxoSmithKline). The organization strongly recommended for the prevention and treatment of disease, only two drugs - manufactured by Roche Tamiflu and Relenza (manufacturer - GlaxoSmithKline). По данным компании Roche, в 2008 году продажи Tamiflu составляли около 600 млн долл., а в 2009 году, по прогнозам самой компании, продажи составят уже 2,6 млрд долл. According to the company Roche, in 2008, sales of Tamiflu were about $ 600 million, and in 2009, predicted the company, sales will total 2.6 billion dollars

В Украине, по данным Министерства здравоохранения, размещенным на официальном сайте, с момента начала эпидемии было зарегистрировано 32 случая заболевания свиным гриппом (всего гриппом и ОРВИ заболело свыше 2,2 млн человек). In Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Health, posted on the official site, since the beginning of the epidemic there were 32 cases of swine influenza (flu and colds just sick over 2.2 million people). Для лечения и профилактики A/H1N1 в страну было ввезено 615 тыс. упаковок лекарства по цене 67 грн за упаковку. For the treatment and prevention of A/H1N1 in the country was imported 615 thousand packages medication costs 67 UAH per package. По словам начальника Государственной службы лекарственных средств и изделий медицинского назначения Константина Косяченко, в аптеках было продано "несколько сотен упаковок лекарства, после чего правительство начало распространять "Тамифлю" бесплатно". According to the head of the State service of medical products and medical products Constantine Kosyachenko, pharmacies had sold "several hundred packages drugs, after which the government began to distribute" Tamiflu "for free".

В ВОЗ настаивают на том, что пандемия была объявлена по всем правилам. WHO insists that the pandemic has been declared by all the rules. "В апреле 2009 года, когда были впервые выявлены случаи заболевания гриппом А/H1N1, было совершенно неясно, насколько серьезные последствия он может повлечь, – заявил специальный советник гендиректора ВОЗ по пандемии гриппа Кэйдзи Фукуда. – Поэтому ВОЗ инициировала все возможные меры для защиты людей, включая сотрудничество с рядом глобальных партнеров". "In April 2009, when they were first identified human cases of influenza A/H1N1, was quite clear how serious the consequences it might entail - said a special adviser to WHO Director-General for Pandemic Influenza, Keiji Fukuda. - That is why WHO has initiated all possible measures to protect people including cooperation with a number of global partners. "

Israel to send swine flu drug to Gaza 12/10/09 7:45am

Israel to send swine flu drug to Gaza

Uh, I am not sure they will Trust that Vaccine, after What Israel has done to the people of Gaza. I sure in the Hell would not touch it with anything if I was in Gaza and this was coming from Israel. Talk about a way to get rid of all the people by putting something in the vaccine that could/would spread fast. It would only take a few people to get the vaccine for something to go around all fo Gaza.


JERUSALEM - Israeli authorities said on Thursday they will send up to 40,000 doses of swine flu vaccine to the Gaza Strip, where six people have died of the virus in the past five days.

We will transfer between 30,000 and 40,000 vaccines that were supplied by the World Health Organisation, since the security closures don’t stop the spread of illnesses,” said Colonel Moshe Levy, who heads the Israeli liaison office for Gaza.

Israel has already provided 10,000 doses to the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory, where it maintains a blockade in a bid to halt rocket fire from Palestinian militants.

Hospital masks and anti-bacterial hand gels have vanished from the shelves in Gaza in recent days as fear spread after the first reported deaths from the A(H1N1) virus.

In Israel, 67 people have died from the disease.

Swine Flu Accidentally Resurrected From the Dead? 12/10/09 7:33am

Swine Flu Accidentally Resurrected From the Dead?

This was Not an accident and the article hints at that at the end of it.


Amid an unsettling report today of Tamiflu resistance in a Danish A(H1N1) patient, comes a study in The New England Journal of Medicine tracing the swine flu's 90-year evolution.

The current flu strain has genetic roots in an illness that sickened pigs at a swine show in 1918 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A near-century of development since then may include this flu's accidental resurrection from an extinct strain.

Here's what likely went down. At the same time the 1918 flu pandemic was spreading among humans, pigs were hit with a similar respiratory illness. Early experiments confirmed the 1918 swine virus and a human strain emerged about the same time.

According to the authors of the new paper, there was a temporary "extinction" of this strain of virus from humans in 1957. But then it reemerged 20 years later in a small 230-person outbreak in 1976 among soldiers in Fort Dix, New Jersey. That outbreak did not extend beyond the military base.

However the next year H1N1 reemerged in people in the Soviet Union, Hong Kong, and northeastern China. The genetic origin of that 1977 strain turns out not to be the 1976 Fort Dix strain. Instead, it was closely related to a 1950 human strain.

Which means that given the genetic similarity of the two strains, reemergence was likely due to an accidental release during laboratory studies of the 1950 strain that had been preserved as a "freezer" virus.

Ouch. Hate it when that happens.

The authors hypothesize that concerns about the Fort Dix outbreak stimulated a flurry of research on H1N1 viruses in 1976, which led to an accidental release and reemergence of the previously extinct virus a year later. The reemerged 1977 H1N1 strain has been circulating in various seasonal influenzas ever since—including today's.

Or maybe it wasn't such an accidental a release? Conspiracists, restart your engines.

Plans drawn up to ensure swine flu vaccine given to under-fives 12/10/09 7:28am

Plans are being drawn up to ensure under-fives are given a swine flu vaccination.

They are the next at-risk group in line to receive the immunisation from the NHS.

Nationally, the Government and GPs have failed to reach an agreement on the swine flu vaccination programme for under-fives.

Ministers had offered doctors £5.25 per dose plus a "small concession'' to vaccinate healthy children aged from six months to five.

But the two sides have been unable to agree on how doctors will be compensated for carrying out the vaccinations.

The Government has now asked primary care trusts to come up with plans for handling immunisation in their area.

Dr Peter Marks said: "The NHS in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland is committed to the vaccination of healthy children aged six months up to five years.

"This age group has been identified as being quite vulnerable to the virus and should be given this extra protection.

Staff at GP practices have been doing a magnificent job vaccinating thousands of people in the phase one at-risk groups and still have many patients to see.

"Meanwhile, parents of healthy children who are aged from six months but who are not yet five, should wait until they are invited to attend a vaccination session."

The trust said children's vaccinations would start once the most at-risk group had been immunised, but could not confirm when this would be.

The most at risk include patients with underlying health conditions, such as liver, kidney, heart and lung disease, as well as pregnant women and people who are living with patients with a reduced immunity.

UPDATE 12/10/09 7:51AM

Agreement reached - kids are to get the Swine Flu Vaccine in U.K.

Children in the region will get the swine flu vaccine as the NHS in the North East is the first to reach a deal with GPs for the next phase of the vaccinating campaign.
Plans to vaccinate healthy children aged from six months to five against the virus suffered a setback after talks between the Government and doctors broke down earlier this week.

But Martin Wilson, director of NHS flu resilience in the region, said: "I can confirm that we have reached agreement with GPs via the six local medical committees across the North East to implement the next phase of the swine flu vaccination programme.

"GP surgeries in the region will receive the same payment agreed for the original at risk priority groups.

"This is great news for patients in the North East and I would like to thank GPs across the region for their ongoing hard work in the fight against this virus and their clear commitment to ensure that vaccination of at risk children can begin seamlessly.

"We have committed to further local discussions about actual impact on practices once we see what the uptake of the vaccine is for children in the six months to under five years group.

"The supply of the swine flu vaccine is increasing and we should therefore be able to begin vaccinating children before Christmas. Parents of children in the priority group will receive further information as soon as the vaccination of the original at risk groups in each practice is complete."