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Could This Be Part of the Problem in the Ukraine - GMO Foods? 11/24/09 8:40am

Could This Be Part of the Problem in the Ukraine - GMO Foods?

This article does not have anything about the epidemic in it, but I found it of great interest, considering it seems lots of the Ukrainians foods are Genetically Modified, especially the meats! Could one thing have something to do with the other? Could the GMO foods be contributing to the epidemic and lower defenses of the body to fighting off the plague/flu/virus/mutated virus in the Ukraine and Eastern Bloc Nations?


Ukrainians, especially the poor, eat genetically modified produce - because they are cheaper than clean produce. This is a conclusion of GMO checkup of 60 products sold in the stores of the Volyn Region by the branch of the State consume standard Volynstandartmetrologiya.

As the head of the laboratory of the enterprise Violetta Shulyatitskaya reported, experts found more than 0.9% of GMO (in this case, according to the law, it should be marked "Contains GMO XX%) in seven products (mostly cheap one) but it was not specified on the label. 15,1% of GMO were found in the cutlet stuffing “Chicken” GMO, 12,5% in the Stuffing “Mushroom", 69 percents - in soy cutlets, 76,5% - in cutlet mincemeat “Home”.

According to the expert, scientists spent more than Hr 33,000 which was earned by the laboratory for analysis. "Unfortunately, we can not prohibit the sale of these goods, it is only the information for buyers," - Violetta Shulyatitskaya said.

"Only regional and city departments for consumer protection may react on it (to remove items from sale and impose a fine – editor.)", - Segodnya quotes the head of the State consume standard press service Oleg Khomin as saying.

President of the All-Ukrainian Environmental League Tetyana Tymochko said that the decree of the Cabinet of labeling products containing GMO is not valid, although since September 1 products with GMO should contain information about it.

"We only have achieved marking “No GMO ". But producers refuse to mark the products which contain GMO. The State consumer standard services are checking 12 regions (mainly in the west and east – editor.), the situation is the same as in the Volyn Region. That is why recently we have made a proposal to the Cabinet on amending regulations on labeling of GMO: the produce should contain marking “No GMO” if it does not exceed 0.9%. If there is no marking - it automatically must mean: the product has GMO, be careful! Now the producer IS OBLIGED to write if there is GMO and HAS THE RIGHT to specify that there is no GMO. But it is impossible to check all products for the presence of GMO because it is very expensive, "- said Tetyana Tymochko.

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