Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guess TPTB Created A New Bug to Get people!

Looks like TPTB created a New Super Bug to Kill people that is not treatable!

The Gram Negative Bacteria is now on the loose - CNN has a Story about it using the PTB minion Sanjay Gupta.

What is Very interesting is the statement that the Soldiers coming back from Iraq have it. Also it is coming out of the hospitals.

That makes me question .... What have they put into our Soldiers in vaccines, etc. that is causing them to die with this New Super Bug?

Why - does the Government treat our Soldiers as they do?

Also - Please Start using the word Soldiers Again - NOT Troops - they should be Individuals NOT Groups under Control of TPTB!

FLU SHOTS PROVEN To Make People MORE successible to GETTING H1N1 !!!! 4/8/10

A Canadian Group did a Study - Shows those who GOT the Seasonal Flu Shot were more LIKELY to Get H1N1 !!!!!!

We are not such "Conspiracy Nuts" after all - all of us who Yelled "DON'T GET A FLU SHOT OR ANY SHOT"!!!!

We have been proven to be RIGHT!!

Study shows a link between the Seasonal Flu shot to Those who GOT H1N1 !!

Amazing - it really was being used against us all! No wonder the media constantly talked about it - saying "get your shots"!

Also, I DO Believe what happened in the Ukraine did not go as TPTB expected - I don't believe it Spread as they wanted it to completely - Nor did it take as many lives as they thought!

What will they come up with next?

Besides all the Chemtrails constantly - what other things will they release and try on us?