Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Information Via Email From Belarus - The Situation is Not Good 11/24/09 7:20am

Information Via Email From Belarus - The Situation is Not Good

I received an email from someone who has contacts in Belarus, she forwarded me this email from yesterday. I believe this email, it is not made up for sensational information in my opinion. From the information in it and seeing where it originated from etc.

This email shows there is a Major Problem that is being kept hidden and if Belarus has had this many dead, how many are actually dead in the Ukraine?

Email (names taken out)

I hope that your security people are trying to solve this.
I am so surptised that they do not even tell anything to people.
There’s just a glamorous flourishing prosperity on Belarus TV.
People die without knowing anything and without the necessary
treatment or medicines. The main boss is busy with his political
games and with some economica issues, that’s all.

His parents both doctors in Gomel, south of Belarus. Me and my friend are exchangins
news in English, here is what he has written yesterday:
I briefly chatted with Dad today and he said that the situation is still
escalating. There’s no reliable official data but in the Gomel region alone
apparently over 200 people have died to date of various types of respiratory
complications. They are talking about the pandemic. The hospitals are
overcrowded and every day in Gomel close to 600 people reporting to
emergency rooms and as you can only guess how prepared the system is to deal
with the situation. He said people under 60 years old are being particularly
vulnerable to the virus and having most deadly outcomes.
So the bottom line – avoid crowds and sanitize hands and everything you
That’s only Gomel, it is about the same size town as Vitebsk, a little
bigger. The real number in Belarus would be thousands. That Vitebsk
girl, ____, told me by phone that several people were also dead among
her parents surrounding.
I am OK. I am in my apartment always and it is like a jail, I am not
going out at all for 3 weeks already, just to carefully get some
food once a week.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXcPr3QzChs&NR=1

  2. Is this for real: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PaXjoQ4akU

    What does it mean than?

  3. I did not understand that video with Moshe's wife - couldn't understand the words.

  4. Me neither, but it seems there are two different moshes =|

  5. Dont forget that there are billions being spent by Israel on their internet hasbara teams to counter anything at all questionable to Israel's image. Did hasbara squad make this call? THEY need be verified and vetted as well as the alleged wife who answered the phone call. They even tell the wife it is to exonerate any Israeli connection to the scandal. The global depopulation agenda is extremely high stakes stuff and would merit the top in sophisticated damage control tactics after a Moshe-type leak...

    The CERTAINTY? SOME INSIDER leaked an advance, accurate, exclusive tip to a radio show about the planned bio attack in Ukraine nearly THREE MONTHS beforehand with the obscure locale named also being accurate.

    Who is the Joseph Moshe in the LA Mental Institute (prisoner #2019293)?

    Who is the LA Times article referring to?

    A real investigation needs to begin THERE, not with an annonymous caller and callee who could be intel or disninfo agents posing as Moshe's wife.

  6. There are two Joseph Moshe (probably more, just like there are more than one John Smith's in the world.) The people in the video are not very smart for calling Joseph Bar Moshe's wife. Their photos differ too if you research it. Dr.s Ott and Deagle never said the person they spoke about was Joseph Bar Moshe ever, they called the wrong person and jumped to conclusions. He is not the same Joseph Moshe arrested they wasted their time and the poor lady's privacy for calling her. A man by the name of Joseph Moshe was arrested as confirmed by the local news reporter here : see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giavJC7Q-TM . Those people in that video should not have invaded that woman's privacy. I can't believe those people went so far as to call this lady at her house. How creepy!