Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kyiv and 9 Regions Prolong Quaratine, Except for some Schools 11/21/09 1:00pm

Kyiv and 9 Regions Prolong Quaratine, Except for some Schools


Kyiv and 9 regions prolonged vacation in schools and higher educational institutions after November 23 after a 3-week quarantine imposed by the Cabinet of Ministers on 30 November, reported First Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchynov reported.

At the same time, according to the first Vice Prime Minister, 6 regions of Vinnytsia Region prolonged holidays until November 30, 3 districts of the Dnipropetrivsk Region and some parts of the Transcarpathian Region and Uzhgorod - until November 25.

The Kyiv district will resume work in preschools beginning from 23 November and schools and universities will prolong the vacation until November 25.

The Kirovohrad Region will prolong quarantine measures in the half of districts, and holidays will be prolonged until 27 November.

The Poltava Region will resume work in schools beginning from November 23 with the exception of one district.

The Rivne Region will prolong vacation in schools and high schools in 5 districts until November 25.

The Chernivtsi Region is going to prolong vacation in schools and universities until November 27.

The Chernihiv Region will make a final decision on November 21, because, although there has been a positive trend of the epidemic, the incidence is still on the threshold level.

Kyiv will prolong vacation in schools, universities and pre-schools until 25 November.

all different times of ending the quarantine, I find it interesting schools for younger kids will be some of the first back.

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