Friday, November 20, 2009

Kombucha Tea - This is Relevant to the Swine Flu or any Flu 11/20/09

Kombucha Tea - This is Relevant to the Swine Flu or any Flu

Yesterday, there is a post that is "Messages from Inside the Ukraine". In that post, a message from the Ukraine was about a South Korean finding a cure not involving Tamiflu or any pharmaceuticals. It is about using water with acid and Ozone gas.

That got me thinking (doesn't happen very often) ;)

When I read about the acid, I then researched about Kombucha Tea killing viruses and the flu.

If you have never heard of Kombucha Tea, you should learn about it and pass the information on!

Why am I putting this in here? Because I Want people to protect themselves and do everything possible to Not get sick!

It is considered a "miracle tea", Russia and China have done extensive research on it and it has been in their societies for hundreds of years. There are people in communities that live over one hundred years, it was found the link to them all, was they drank Kombucha Tea.

I have been drinking Kombucha for years, I also believe it is how I miraculously was able to get pregnant and have a child.

How I am linking it to the Swine flu or whatever is happening out there, is because it is acid based. When people have been very sick around me with colds or the flu, I have not gotten sick.

Upon Researching I found some Very interesting information. It seems Kombucha has the lactic acid which as PREVENTED THE AVIAN FLU STRAIN IN BIRDS!!

It has cured people's cancer - among many other things. A list is below with some of the ailments helped by Kombucha.

here is a main link to a site that has lots of information (warn you, they have an annoying woman talk every time you land on it for a few seconds)

UPDATE 11/20/09 9:31 PM More Very Good Information

I am going to link the page this is from, but I warn you the page there is messed up, nothing is together (you will see what I mean - when you go to the link)

Kombucha & Bird Flu

There has not yet been a reported case of a person who had the Avian Bird Flu (H5N1) giving it to another person. However, the Spanish flu which killed millions in the early part of the last century was believed to have mutated from a similar bird flu virus so a real danger to the world population does exists. Because a H5N1 type virus that could cause a person to person transmission has not yet mutated itself into existence, lets keep our fingers crossed, there is no evidence that current flu treatments like
Tamiflu or prevented measures such as vaccines, or even drinking Kombucha, will work or will not work.

We can state that many people who drink Kombucha report catching less colds and common flu's. This may be because of the anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities of the tea and its ability to boost the body's immune response to illnesses. A recent medical study indicates that lactic acid, which is present in Kombucha, is also effective in preventing avian bird flu in chickens.

So... It is a judgement call as to whether it is a good idea, or not, to start drinking Kombucha Tea because it might help prevent you from catching a deadly flu that does not yet exist. One should, however, keep in mind that it is often better to error on the side of caution. I personally drink Kombucha daily and have done so for over 15 years. The average person catches about 3 colds a year, I seldom catch colds and I have not had the flu in 15 years. Please read the testimonials left by others.

MORE FROM THAT LINK - Scientific Evidence on what Kombucha Tea Does for you


acne hair graying hair loss high blood pressure high cholesterol H.I.V. hypertony hypertension impotence immune system, strengthen incontinence infectious diarrhea insomnia internal diseases, various interstitial cystitis intestinal catarrh intestinal inflammations intestinal parasite irritable bowel syndrome kidney stones & ailments lacunar low blood pressure low energy lupus menopause multiple sclerosis obesity osteoarthritis parkinson's disease P.M.S. pneumococcae prostate conditions psoriasis rheumatic conditions rheumatoid arthritis sleep disorders stomach catarrh staph infections thyroid disease tonsillitis tumors ulcerated mucosa ulcerative colitis weight loss wrinkles, skin xerophtalmia yeast infection aging, increase longevity A.I.D.S anaerobic dysentery angina arteriosclerosis arthritis asthma balding bladder infections blood cholesterol, lowering of boils bronchitis cancers candida chronic enterocolitis chronic fatigue syndrome - CFS - CFIDS colds, prevention colibacillosis conjunctivitis constipation coronary heart diseases depression diabetes dysbacteria dysentery eczema enterocolitis fibromyalgia flu fluid retention follicular furunculosis gastritis glycolysis reduction gout graves disease

I make my Kombucha with Green Tea.

There are lots of places on the net selling the Tea bottled etc. - BUY a mushroom Make it yourself - it cost ONLY PENNIES to Make - but people want lots of money for premade!

Link to a site on how to make

Once you have one mushroom - it will grow another with every batch - then start giving the extras away to family and friends - have them make it also!

there is lots of information at the link and on the internet about Kombucha, please do some research yourself and find a mushroom to start making your own tea. This literally may keep you and your family and friends healthy from the flu.

*Now* back to your regularly scheduled reading about what is happening in the Ukraine. :)

BTW: I put that picture up from the internet - BUT Kombucha should Never sit in the sun - it has to sit in a quiet dark place for a week - NOT the Sun! Just wanted you to know that.


  1. Hi Sherrie,
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  2. End times - you really put this in the wrong spot. This is about Kombucha and helping people with staying healthy against the flu.

  3. but you need to realise, it is all linked.
    please, do research into it.

    and thank you for doing a great job on reporting on the new
    pneumonic plague, as western media isnt. we have to rely on the internet (independent people like yourself) for good, REAL info.

    thank you

  4. I have heard several Ukrainians saying that the problem is all over, and that people now aren't using masks (1) and another that her relative in Ukraine says "it's all politics" (2) another said it's the flu, flu, flu, then when asked further for more details, then it became a "cold". It's interesting how they all very quickly dismiss concerns or say it's all bunk, like they are under some great pressure not to acknowledge or discuss but to dismiss's not like a natural conversation...I'm also wondering if travelers to Ukraine are free to enter, especially without getting any vaccination. Anybody know?