Saturday, November 28, 2009

WHO says "Past Week - Deadliest in Swine Flu Deaths, highest in Americas" 11/28/09 10:23am

WHO says "Past Week - Deadliest in Swine Flu Deaths, highest in Americas"


More than 1,000 deaths from the H1N1 swine flu virus were officially reported in the past week, a sharp rise which brings the global total to at least 7,826, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported on Friday.

More than half of the latest fatalities were reported by health authorities in the Americas region. The winter flu season arrived early in the northern hemisphere this year and continues to be intense across parts of North America and much of Europe. "In the United States and Canada, influenza transmission remains very active and geographically widespread," the WHO said, adding that the disease now appeared to have peaked in all U.S. regions. "In Canada, influenza activity remains similar but (the) number of hospitalisations and deaths is increasing," it said.

It is too early to say whether there has yet been a peak in infections in the northern hemisphere, the WHO's top flu expert said on Thursday, and it will be some weeks before there is a downward trend in the numbers of those catching the virus. The H1N1 pandemic virus is causing widespread and increasing infections in Europe, with many reporting a rapid rise.

Sweden, Norway, Moldova and Italy are reporting "very high activity" and health care services are reeling under the strain in Albania and Moldova, it said. Flu has peaked in other European countries including Belgium, Ireland and Serbia.

Flu transmission is active in East Asia and it remains "stably elevated" in Japan, but may be decreasing slightly in cities there, according to the United Nations health agency.

In temperate zones of the southern hemisphere, little pandemic flu activity has been reported. Following a reported 9 death from the swine flu influenza in Van, total number of the swine flu related death reached to 161 in Turkey by Friday.

Ukraine is not mentioned in this article at all. Besides the fact is WHO still does not acknowledge there is something much more lethal than the swine flu spreading, are they even counting those deaths in this article? Also, they did not mention the "mutation" of the Swine flu, which has been admitted to by the WHO. Are they lumping the bleeding lungs deaths in with this figure or are those being ignored and not in this figure? If they are not, how many people have actually died from bleeding lungs? Will WHO ever start counting those and decided to start releasing the information to the WHOLE public so people in general can become aware what is happening around the world with the destruction of the lungs occurring?

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