Monday, November 23, 2009

Laboratory to test for А/Н1N1 flu opened in Ternopil - A University lab - 11/23/09 8:10am

Ternopil, November 23 (Interfax-Ukraine) – A polymerase chain reaction laboratory that can test for А/Н1N flu has stared operating at Ternopil medical university.

The Ukraine shut down an independent lab (Eurolab) last week and now they opened a University lab. A University is dependent on funds and grants from governments, so as I see it - it is not independent and there for the results could be made to be more in line with what the government and WHO may want. Personally, I won't be inclined to believe everything they say, as results.


According to president of the university Leonid Kovalchuk, a total 140 tests can be carried out in the laboratory per day. Moreover, various types of flu, including А/Н1N1 flu, can be tested for there.

Kovalchuk said that the laboratory equipment was purchased using funds of the university in connection with the epidemic of acute respiratory disease and flu that occurred in October-November, when it was necessary to determine etiologic agents of diseases and identify А/Н1N1 flu. The cost of the equipment is Hr 650,000.

"The medical university, regional sanitary and epidemiological station and Ternopil city sanitary and epidemiological station have signed a three-party agreement on cooperation. The existence of such a laboratory will enable us to carry out daily monitoring of infections that are registered in the medical establishments of Ternopil and the region," the president of the university said.

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