Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Glaxo - Rotarix Rotavirus Given to 30 Million Kids - Tainted with Pig Virus - Not taking it Off Market!

A vaccine given to kids and babies has been found to be tainted with a Pig Virus!

BUT - FDA is NOT taking it OFF the market nor will Glaxo take it off themselves!

They say it ONLY Causes Disease in Pigs Not Humans!

It will be temporarily suspended in being given to kids, just for more investigations into the vaccine being tainted!

How COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS! The Government and Glaxo SmithKline are so Blase about kids being given an Animal Disease!!

How is it they can do this? How come a HUGE corporation can Taint a vaccine and NOT be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE for that?!

So, now knowing they have given this vaccine tainted since 2006 with a PIG VIRUS - is all this Swine Flu a part of it? Was there a "Set up" before with kids being injected with a Pig Virus and the Swine flu vaccine being a next step? What happens with the 2 vaccines meet up?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Natural News - A Wonderful Analysis of the New Health Care Bill - Passed

The link is in the main headline for Natural News analysis of the Passed Health Care Bill.

Let me also qualify this information, by saying, I am one of those millions that do not have health insurance. That is not due to my fault - as I did have it at one time, but the insurance company dropped me, as the industry does with millions every year. Once you have been booted out, it is impossible to get any other insurance, where there is actual coverage.

Two years ago, next month - I went to Bangkok Thailand to get medical attention - surgery that was unaffordable here in the U.S. I literally had THE BEST Health Care I have ever had in my life there! The cost of my medical care here for the surgery and complications would have be in the $60,000 range here in the U.S. - But there I had Better care and more medical care and the surgery cost me ONLY $5,800!!!! The total trip - I was in Bangkok for one month and one week - including ALL Expenses - Hotel - ALL medical (complete physical and MRI - everything imaginable - surgery) was around $11,000!!!

I would go there every year if I could for a medical check up - it just that it takes 2 days to get there!

We have the WORST HEALTH CARE System here in the U.S. - despite what everyone says! Once you experience the Best health and real Care - here you realize it is ONLY Money Care!

This Health Care bill - I believe will even make our health care worst in this country now. Prices will skyrocket!

I will ask for Foreign insurance ONLY - I DO NOT WANT U.S. INSURANCE HEALTH CARE!!

BTW: Bumrungrad Hospital - is the One I went to in Thailand!!!!!! THE BEST HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CARE IN THE WORLD!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The Health Care Bill - has people to BE CHIPPED!!!!!

The Obama Health care bill under Class II (Paragraph 1, Section B) specifically includes ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable." Then on page 1004 it describes what the term "data" means in paragraph 1, section B:

14 ‘‘(B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to in15
formation respecting a device described in paragraph (1),
16 including claims data, patient survey data, standardized
17 analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of
18 data from disparate data environments, electronic health
19 records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the
20 Secretary"

What exactly is a class II device that is implantable? Lets see...

Approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is a "implantable radiofrequency
transponder system for patient identification and health information." The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as "claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary."

This sort of device would be implanted in the majority of people who opt to become covered by the public health care option. With the reform of the private insurance companies, who charge outrageous rates, many people will switch their coverage to a more affordable insurance plan. This means the number of people who choose the public option will increase. This also means the number of people chipped will be plentiful as well. The adults who choose to have a chip implanted are the lucky (yes, lucky) ones in this case. Children who are "born in the United States who at the time of birth is not otherwise covered under acceptable coverage" will be qualified and placed into the CHIP or Children's Health Insurance Program (what a convenient name). With a name like CHIP it would seem consistent to have the chip implanted into a child. Children conceived by parents who are already covered under the public option will more than likely be implanted with a chip by the consent of the parent. Eventually everyone will be implanted with a chip. And with the price and coverage of the public option being so competitive with the private companies, the private company may not survive.