Friday, November 20, 2009

Got An Email, This Site Is Now Being Blocked in Germany - But A Way Around It 11/20/09 5:58am

Got An Email, This Site Is Now Being Blocked in Germany - But A Way Around It

Wow, a Government Or Internet provider has Blocked this site? Why? What is wrong with getting information out? When a site is blocked, especially in Germany?! Wow, Germany is a Democratic country.

This person found a way around it, the picture is enclosed on how to get around the block. So if you know of anyone who is blocked from this site - I am inserting what he put in on how to do it.

From the email:

But I find out that you have end process with the nettool TCPView which is Freeware, then I have access again to

My question is, blocking a site that is simply finding information that is available to the public, in one way or another, Why?

Why not let people learn SOMETHING is going on in the Ukraine and is spreading. Something was sprayed before it happened. The MSM is not reporting on it as a whole.
What is wrong with people being informed about a plague/disease killing people and they can learn how to best protect themselves?

**note** there used to be people coming in from China, I have noticed no one from there comes in anymore. Site blocked there too?


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  2. I wouldn't be surprised if it was blocked in China... I had a friend from China who told me his internet started mysteriously getting cut off for 2 hours at a time if he looked up the "wrong" things.

  3. The person asked for the comment not to be put on, in another comment. Because the location was in it. The person, said they too were being blocked from the site - in another country - other than Germany. They too found a way around it. The person did not want the country identified etc.

  4. i'm in germany and it's not blocked for me. i didn't do anything to go around a block.