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U.S., Russia Implicated - This Literally Puts Everything Together - Vaccines, Plague, Swine Flu, Spanish Flu, Baxter MUST READ! 11/30/09 10:00pm

This Puts Everything Together - It links the U.S., Russia, Baxter the Swine Flu Vaccines - Rockefeller - A Serious Must Read!

I took out all the Ukrainian language - because the article is very long - BUT it is Worth Reading! It puts everything together and connects dots!

Forced mass vaccination.
In the "living magazine" I was approached with the question: "Boy - you are special to military equipment - please give their interpretation of whether a component of rocket fuel to cause pneumonia?" . It turns Ukraine rages a strange pneumonia, from which people die. And some readers Learn it tied to the transport of toxic components of rocket fuel to Russia for disposal. I am not an expert on military technology, and an analyst who knows how to use available information. In this case, I found out that pneumonia is not toxic blend that really carry, and amyl - other toxic oxidant. That is, the strange connection of pneumonia in the Ukraine to the transport of toxic components of rocket fuel there. But the question back my interest in the "swine flu", is officially in Ukraine because people are dying from it.

Interest in the topic "swine flu" I have a slightly faded after a conversation with a specialist microbiologist Michael Supotnitskim, who denied the possibility of artificial origin of the pandemic. This is not easy microbiologist, and the military who has to deal precisely with those aspects of the application of scientific knowledge. I had no reason not to trust the specialist, the more so in his publications have been studies of this kind, for example, outbreaks of anthrax in Sverdlovsk in April 1979 Michael Supotnitsky convincingly demonstrates involvement with the U.S. special services. Why should he shield the Americans, if they are involved and for a pandemic "of swine flu"?

Microbiology rejected the possibility of direct biological attack and, thus, a set of accumulated facts could speak only of a purely informational Act. The aim of forcing panic surrounding the outbreak is quite normal influenza could serve as income pharmacists associated with the excitement around Tamiflu and the influenza vaccine. The purpose could also be a justification for quarantine measures are used effectively to suppress the power of social protests of the population, resulting in the development of the crisis. But the loss of life in Ukraine, which according to the official version came from the "Swine flu", somewhat changed this picture. Statistics here differed sharply from the usual "pork" disease, formally - is ten times more deaths. What these statistics for today?

There are a lot of confusion, which the media used to whip up panic. . Ministry of Health of Ukraine refused to consider separately the cases of influenza H1N1 and leads only to a common showgirl for the disease SARS. There are currently 299 people died in 1,364,939 cases. Select from this mass of cases it is "swine flu" is impossible. Ukrainian doctors it is confirmed deaths from the "swine flu" only 14 people. Clinics Ukraine simply does not have the capacity to diagnose all cases of influenza H1N1, which gives some cause for prosecution Ukrainian government in fomenting fear for political reasons. Yes, from the beginning of the epidemic of influenza and SARS infected in Ukraine is about 1,25 million people, but it does not single out a country from the general background. У нас в In Russia, for example, from the beginning of these infections in the country infected nearly 24 million people, 545 of them died. However, Ukraine was declared an epidemic is "swine flu" without any evidence of laboratory testing data, and quarantine prohibits public events. Yuschenko asked for help from the international community and the United States allocates its already 930 thousand doses of vaccine for free. ... Russia sends them to your arbidol ...

Allocation of budget 5.5 billion hryvnia in action against the epidemic can be far-fetched and corrupt reasons.. Premiere in Ukraine has been accused of receiving kickbacks in the purchase of drugs from the "swine flu". And, it seems, quite reasonably:

Thus, the Government provided state guarantees for the purchase of medicines by $ 500 million to two companies - Broad Street Capital, LLC and Accupatient, LLC. First registered in New York, and according to the documents is a small financial consulting firm without a banking license, which employs 10 people. The second, and has recently been completely eliminated, as with a respective entry in the State of New Jersey. Before its closure, the company also had to do with medicine and traded food. . According to another contract, state guarantees for 800 million euros to equip the medical institutions of Ukraine received the company Pacific New Technologies Corp. (Канада) и Midwest New Tecnologies, Inc. (Canada) and the Midwest New Tecnologies, Inc. (США). (USA). Canadian firm, according to the regionals, registered in the offshore British Columbia, there are five people. They are engaged in trade, repair and construction. American company sells real estate. Her staff - two people. Tymoshenko's Cabinet was asked to deliver medical supplies and equipment in Ukraine remains unclear.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health announced the deaths of dozens of citizens in the western regions of Ukraine from an unknown virus. In this case the main feature of disease progression was the lung, resulting in people dying of pneumonia. But the doctors to determine the nature of the virus within a few days they could not. " Later, the deaths attributed to "Swine flu", as popularly rumored about pneumonic plague. It is against this infection in the media was told that "Ukraine is raging epidemic of viral pneumonia." At its expense carry around hundreds of deaths in the Lviv region. It is to "Lviv infection" and include statements about the high death rate 10 times that of the general background of Ukrainian statistics on SARS quite noticeable. And what is the death rate is "pork" flu?

November 13, WHO announced that the world has recorded 503,536 cases of "swine" influenza, which led to 6260 deaths. Death, thus, "pork" influenza leads to 1,24% of cases. This is, so to speak, laboratory-confirmed cases. What do these figures? The fact that the virulence of "swine" influenza is not higher than usual! More precisely, it is usual for its lethal effects. Thus, in the article about the "Spaniard" Michael Supotnitsky presents data on fatal outcomes in diseases of H2N2 influenza in Leningrad in 1959 and in 1957. The overall case fatality rate in 1959 - 1,5%, in 1957 - 0,66. Ordinary flu can sometimes cause death, especially if the body is weakened. Bad tolerate flu elderly and children. С Modern statistics for Russia, it was for the "swine flu": "As of November 2, 2009 in Russia 3122 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza (H1N1) 2009. Recorded 19 fatalities, including 14 laboratory confirmed." This is a 0.6 % deaths. ! It seems to be an ordinary flu! So what are afraid of? I must say that the bulk of fears about a new type of influenza pumps WHO which awarded as early as June 6 th degree of danger of a pandemic. It's like a plague of the 21 st century, with millions of deaths. We need urgent action is needed mass vaccination. .. Mass vaccination ... That's about the mass vaccination and again there are suspicions. For the WHO's vaccine orders 4,5 billion and one of the main producers of these vaccines is selected the same Baxter, which had already been caught trying to spread the vaccine with live virus and bird flu, which is much more dangerous and causes death in 60% of cases. " Lviv is an infection, which has abnormal mortality propagating against "swine flu", only says that there it is about something other than "pork" flu. Although there is a possibility and the fact that the general background of the "swine" influenza, which is not diagnosed, are provided only instances of "pneumonic" complications, which is considered as a disease having abnormal mortality.

It should be recalled that the microbiologist Michael Supotnitsky denied the possibility of artificial origin is a flu epidemic, which spread of infection would go through the contamination of already sick people. As for the initiation of the epidemic was originally required to infect only a small number of people who would later become the source of infection for all others. According to him, a laboratory virus, which has such a pandemic potential (ie easily be passed from person to person), it is still impossible. Слишком сложны механизмы эпидемии. Too complicated mechanisms of the epidemic. I'm not going to argue with this assertion, the scientist knows best. However, there remain another possibility is biological attack - the artificial infection of large numbers of people. Imagine a massive infection, too difficult, but impossible in principle there is no longer in terms of the level of modern science. Especially if we assume a mass vaccination of the population. The fact that the vaccine may not be an obstacle to the disease, but by its artificial propagation, the idea seems quite seditious, even paranoid. However, the case of a vaccine against Baxter gives us a reason to take into account such a possibility. The fact that the vaccine were once two types of live viruses, which only in combination can cause an outbreak of disease, as it is difficult to explain the accident. There is an accident rather that they found in the vaccine prior to vaccination. An investigation to the case is still not finished and I have no doubt that it generally ends once clearly and convincingly. Especially if you remember the history of white powder, which is sent in envelopes in the United States. Bioterrorist act with anthrax in the United States in 2001 tried to cancel on Islamic terrorists, but microbiologist Bruce Ivins, who made the examination, declined to conclude that in the "white powder" is bentonite. "This ... and the main component of clay cat litter, American intelligence loudly attributed the role of filler biological formulations Saddam ". After that, the scientist himself became the prime suspect in the terrorist attack and his life was cut short in a strange way a result of "suicide". Find in the event of failure of the terrorist attack similar to "scapegoat" in the bowels of Baxter probably will not be difficult. Найдут. Found. Already looking for, as he explained further, and the first case. Write off in case both at once.

By the way, about the "scapegoat". Three months ago, was arrested by Israeli microbiologist Joseph Moshe on terrorism charges. Baxter International . Before that, he accused Baxter International in the production of biological weapons at the plant, which is ... Moreover, this "terrorist" gave many details on this topic. In his version of the Ukrainian laboratory of producing biological weapons, disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contains an adjuvant, to weaken the immune system, and a copy of the RNA from the virus responsible for "Spanish" flu of 1918. . Here I would add: an adjuvant may also serve to enhance immunity, which will only exacerbate the harmful effects of the virus "Spanish flu". Why - it will be clear later. And the genomes of several viruses (influenza including) consist only of RNA, that is, they have it played the role in higher organisms perform DNA. Actually the flu virus - is only 8 fragments of RNA in a protein shell. In general, the vaccine Baxter - a virus "Spanish flu" with an adjuvant. It remains only to take, but verify. If only we found someone who would be words checked Moshe! All this was said to them for three months before the strange pneumonia epidemic in the western regions of Ukraine. And what is happening there now?

. Pneumonic plague, or swine flu - we still die. Ukraine at the mercy of what we call the "swine flu" or pneumonic plague. What's going on until no one knows exactly, people continue to die. About 3 000 citizens of Ukraine, more than 1000 residents of Belarus, is not known how many Russian citizens - all of them were victims of an unknown virus. As noted by some doctors - a virus - mutant can not be cured by any known drugs for influenza or the plague. Another interesting fact is that the majority of deaths during the life of almost burned lungs. The temperature inside the lungs reaches 55 degrees. This was not encountered in the history of medicine ever. . Swine influenza, tell me? Symptoms of pneumonic plague virtually no different from the symptoms of "swine flu". Identify it can only bacteriological examination. People come to hospitals with the following symptoms: fever, cough, choke and not the ability to breathe normally.The disease progresses at a fast pace, affects the lungs, and people are dying from pneumonia. According to the minister, no person could be saved if he did not see a doctor, even at 5-7 days after the first symptoms.

Head of the Chernivtsi regional forensic bureau, PhD, Professor Victor Bachinsky believes that people kill new aggressive virus, mixed with the flu A/N1N1:

As previously reported, all victims of the virus in Bukovina (22 persons aged from 20 to 40 years) died of bilateral pneumonia as complications of influenza. However, it is not, Professor Bachinsky said that the death of the patients was due to viral distress syndrome, ie the total destruction of the lungs. "Virus, which causes death, is very aggressive, he did not strike the trachea, and immediately get into the lungs and causes strong swelling and continuous hemorrhage. To such as lead mixed types of parainfluenza and influenza A/N1N1. This is a very toxic strain, which has not yet succumbed to the Ministry of Health worked out a method of treatment ", - noted Victor Bachinsky. Standards of treatment used now, do not give the results - in the intensive care unit could not save the people infected with the virus. Did not help and apparatus artificial respiration - mortality of people attacked in 100% of cases, said the professor. This virus is extremely toxic and penetrates the human body not only through the mucous membranes of the nose, but through the eyes - refuse to quarantine in such a situation plainly absurd, says an expert.

Various The internet forums only add uncanny detail. But where did the infection? October 30 in the drafting of certain local newspapers received calls with alarming reports of low flying aircraft, aerosol spray an unknown substance over the Lviv, Ternopil and other cities. There could affect political motives - presidential elections in Ukraine scheduled for January. Exclude "Counter-Maidan with measures of quarantine is also quite plausible version. But we will not be distracted is the Ukrainian political theme. Let's take a version of the Israeli microbiologist who in the media for some reason does not penetrate completely. This is despite the fact that the media is usually very greedy for all kinds of sensations of this kind. Hint of that terrible flu virus - is the development of Russian military microbiologists and wail rises to heaven. Do not be so if the tracks lead to the U.S. special services. World Empire very effectively controls the world media.

. But back Ukrainian pandemic "viral pneumonia". Michael Supotnitsky believes that Ukraine has intensified pneumonic plague:

" "There is a form of life - the plague!" And, of course, unpleasant, that it is somewhere nearby. I just felt like you, until the past weekend: Ukraine experienced a contested election of elites. The population of the authorities during epidemics usually do not trust. The ground for rumors of a dangerous illness abundantly "manured" vaccinators screaming about an impending fatal swine influenza, etc. But she did have specific information describing symptoms similar to pneumonic plague, and, most importantly, the status of Ukrainian anti-plague stations. For example One observant doctor - Mikhail Nazarov - fell ill as he thought at first, a severe form of influenza. But when a flu-like symptoms were added pulmonary complications and high fever, the doctor assigned itself an intensive course of antibiotics. So he crawled away from the brink, leading to oblivion. "

I respect the opinion of the expert, but here let me recall something from his own publications. The clinical picture of "Spanish" flu:

"" "The influenza pandemic of 1918-1920. Doctors often had to observe the extremely fast development occurring as pneumonia, accompanied by extensive lung damage with a large amount of blood in the sputum, flowing rapidly, with symptoms of severe general toxicity, with rapidly growing lesion of the cardiovascular system, a sharp drop in blood pressure, a dimming of consciousness, and advancing rapidly fatal. If the patient's death did not occur in the first three days, the high from the very onset of the disease the temperature curve, in most cases during this time reduced to once again rise to more or less extended period of time, that was associated developed complications or worsening of pulmonary disease. The harshest and most frequent changes in the patient's body to the organs of respiration - hoarseness, nosebleeds, harassing cough, hemoptysis, and sometimes very long, with the release of first bloody, and then purulent sputum. Creep , mnogodolchatost, mosaic of the study - characteristics of influenza pneumonia in 1918-1920. If inflammation captured the entire portion of light, the physical phenomenon is similar to croupous pneumonia. It was during epidemics of influenza increase the incidence of lobar pneumonia, which occur atypical. The exact difference of pneumonia from influenza is not always possible, even at autopsy. distinguish clinically influenza pneumonia was the lack of crisis inherent in lobar pneumonia, sometimes the patient's temperature fell almost critical, but the phenomenon in the lungs remained the same as what had happened with lobar pneumonia. In addition, with pneumonia caused by the "Spanish flu" was not rusty sputum and sputum production characteristic periods characteristic of lobar pneumonia. Blood, released in the sputum of these patients sometimes in large numbers, was a liquid and frothy. "

It seems that we hear about "viral pneumonia" in Ukraine? Very. . This Supotnitsky notes that "the virus that caused the influenza pandemic of 1918-1920., Taxonomically located on the border between the families of human influenza virus and pigs, and outside of bird viruses. That is, there was more of a "swine" influenza. In another interview Supotnitsky recalls that the Spanish flu pandemic in southern Russia has become such a nature that got telegrams from the field about the appearance of pneumonic plague, and Lenin to deploy special anti scorbutic train. That is, he knows that the symptoms of pneumonic plague coincides with the "Spanish flu" in its "pneumonic" complications, but he sent a plague to the train to the Ukraine. I think the point here is that it is too much trust in official information about the "Swine flu", which is somewhat different from "Spanish flu". Of course, we can talk in general about the two different viruses, one serotype, where one is a "pig", and the second - this "Spanish flu". They are similar, but differ in two aspects - one good idea is spreading, but is relatively safe, the second - poorly distributed, but causes dangerous complication in the form of "pneumonic plague". The old "Spanish flu" can no longer apply, because it can not overcome the barrier of immunity, once emerged, and still not lost humanity. But it apparently still infect you can, especially if you give way to the virus directly into the bloodstream bypassing the barriers of immunity. The road may be trampled and other virus or a vaccine which removes specific immunity.

Incidentally, the most "Spanish flu" with the immunity is very leads a graph of the number of deaths from the age of patients: Deaths by age during the influenza epidemics and pandemics in the United States The peak of deaths from the "Spanish flu" was at the age of about 25 years, when the body's immunity maximum. Supotnitsky such dependence does not explain, but notes the existence of the memory of generations of previous influenza epidemics. Other types of influenza that memory for some reason not shown. This Supotnitsky observes that "Spanish flu" - is the overreaction of the immune system in the human pathogen influenza epidemic severity of which depends on the frequency of individual genes that have accumulated in the human population over a period of time (at least 3-4 generations), and clinic disease in an individual determined by a combination of these genes. It is easy to assume that the overreaction of the immune system more typical of people whose immune system in general is high. That is why if you want to create an artificial "Spanish Flu" We need tools to increase the immunity. At the same time that the infection generally penetrated into the body, it is necessary that the immunity was not configured to "a Spaniard. Immunity must be configured only close the infection. Modern "swine" influenza is the best suited for this. If he is not a real "Spanish flu", it is its direct descendant. . Recall the information that I brought back in the first part. Virus "Spanish flu" can turn off the gene RIG-1, regulates the immune system's response to infection, eventually killing the organism itself. H5N1 avian influenza virus also has this ability and therefore dangerous.

In connection with non-standard response to the Spanish flu virus immunity, you can recall the scandal that occurred in Germany:

The scandal broke recently, and vaccines in Germany, when it was discovered that immunized against swine flu politicians and officials will do the wrong vaccine, which prescribes the ordinary citizen. Media reports: the powers that be offered a different, better tolerated by the organism vaccine. Officials of the European Union receive the vaccine, specially produced in a limited series and do not contain mercury and aluminum products. Neither do they offer adjuvant squalene. Ordinary citizens are not in relationship with Merkel and Sarkozy will receive a full set of mercury-aluminum stabilizer. Establish the existence of two versions of the vaccine has the French Nouvel Obs. Journalists have proved that the country has received two shipments of the drug - 50,000 doses for the "important people" and 94 million doses for the ordinary Zhakov.

The presence of two types of vaccines in itself is interesting, but what adjuvant squalene? Adjuvants are added to vaccines to increase their "efficiency" and cost of vaccine needed for one dose. . They make the immune system to respond to the presence of viruses powerful, unnatural and potentially dangerous way. . New adjuvant for published in the print data 10 times more active than others known. And 10 times more dangerous, as adjuvants cause autoimmune diseases - diseases associated with excessive immune response. Squalene proved to be the worst of the worst among the adjuvants - says Dr. Dzhzef Merkola (Joseph Mercola) and concludes that the danger of such vaccination. It is not the only one of the doctors, who warn of such hazards. Lynn Jennings, MD, asserts that the anthrax vaccine, which were vaccinated soldiers before the war in Iraq, included this particular adjuvant. As a result, 200 percent of the incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis and other autoimmune diseases. . All of them together because of the frequent manifestations called "Gulf War syndrome", although it is more accurately described as "a syndrome vaccine squalene." . Because the war was not the cause, and vaccinated.

Adjuvant squalene contained in preparations of MF-59 from Novartis and AS03 from GlaxoSmithKline, are part of their influenza vaccines.

Adjuvant MF59 ® is based on oil and contains polyoxyethylene sorbitan Tween80, sorbitan trioletat Span85, and unsaturated hydrocarbon squalene. In experiments with oil adjuvants in rats, the animals were maimed and crippled. Squalene rats caused severe symptoms of arthritis, and studies conducted on people who have been given billions of particles 10-20 squalene, showed a heavy influence on the immune system and the development of autoimmune diseases .. . GlaxoSmithKline vaccine will consist of antigens newly isolated strain of influenza, as well as its proprietary adjuvant system AS03, which was approved in the EU, together with its vaccine against H5N1 avian influenza in 2008. According to the European public assessment report, AS03 adjuvant, composed of squalene (10.68 mg), DL-α-tocopherol (11.86 mg) and polysorbate 80 (4.85 mg).

Now the Internet circulates many versions of conspiracy over the flu. Many facts are undocumented and really alarming, and I cited them. In these articles you can find additional facts supporting the existence of a "conspiracy of pharmacists. But I want to mention one important detail, which is usually absent. People do not die from flu, but from complications caused by them. This complication is an overreaction of the immune system by the virus. Combination of such effects of the virus with an adjuvant that amplify the immune response, will only exacerbate the effect of the virus. It may be noted and highly suspicious role in the story, played by WHO. WHO has already been seen in suspicious fraudulent tetanus vaccination with the Rockefeller Foundation, working in conjunction with the Population Council, John D. Rockefeller, the third, the World Bank, UN Development Program, Ford Foundation and other organizations. The desire to reduce the population of the planet such vaccines is no longer news.

To this we must add the following facts.

1. Tests vaccines were accelerated and only those options that do not contain adjuvants. In fact, the tests were "VIP-vaccine" actually relatively safe, but not intended for mass vaccination.

2. The company Baxter International has patented the vaccine H1N1 is August 28, 2008, before the first cases of the flu in Mexico. This is the patent application numbered US 2009/0060950 A1.

3. Recently adopted laws absolving the company's vaccine manufacturers from liability in case of "adverse" effects of vaccination.

4. Despite the statistics, which does not single out "swine flu" of lethal effects of normal seasonal, WHO recommends mass vaccination. . When pandemic level 6 its recommendations are binding for all countries, irrespective of a pandemic situation. Is not this the goal was, and the introduction of level 6?

5. Before the introduction of the maximum level of pandemic threat, WHO has changed the criteria themselves determine the level of danger.

6. Some countries have enacted laws on compulsory vaccination and the responsibility of citizens in the event of failure. So did the first Massachusetts in August of this year. Clearly, the WHO recommends that similar legislation will be taken in other countries. Order WHO 4,5 billion vaccines involves mass vaccination of the entire planet.

CDC connects H1N1, severe bacterial infections - Denver is Hotbed 11/30/09 8:50pm

CDC connects H1N1, severe bacterial infections - Denver is Hotbed

It seems there are all kinds of mutations or something going on in the Midwest of the United States. I have made a couple of calls to places, but so far no medical examiner is talking to me yet.


Federal health officials on Wednesday linked the H1N1 flu epidemic to a sharp rise in the number of severe bacterial infections.

Anne Schuchat, a physician at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the national trend was "worrisome" but not unexpected.

"In previous pandemics, there has been an increase in pneumococcal infections in younger people," she said.

The illnesses are caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, a microbe often carried in the nose and throat. While often benign, the bacterium can cause bloodstream infections, fatal pneumonia and meningitis.

The clearest sign of the marked rise is coming from the Denver area, which usually records about 20 cases of "invasive pneumococcal disease" each October. This year, it has had 58, Schuchat said in a briefing for reporters.

Most invasive pneumococcal infections normally occur in the elderly, but in the Denver cases 62 percent were in people age 20 to 59, Schuchat said. Serious cases of influenza are also primarily hitting younger age groups.

When flu causes pneumonia, it can damage cells deep in the lungs, opening a portal for bacteria. In an analysis of about 75 fatal H1N1 cases earlier this year, autopsies showed that about one-third had bacterial pneumonia.

Pneumococcal infections are largely preventable with a vaccine that is given once or twice depending on a person's age. It is recommended for smokers and for people with asthma, kidney or liver problems, heart disease and other chronic ailments. Only about one-quarter of people with those conditions, however, have been vaccinated.

CDC officials have urged physicians in recent months to offer the vaccine to patients who qualify for it. Schuchat urged patients Wednesday to seek it out, adding she had been assured by the vaccine's manufacturers there is enough of it to go around.

"I strongly urge people to sort out whether you're in one of those high-risk groups and talk to your doctor or ask your pharmacist whether you can be vaccinated," she said.

Schuchat also addressed during the briefing the CDC's monitoring of severe reactions to the H1N1 vaccine. The agency's reports thus far have been "extremely reassuring," she said, with the pattern and severity of problems "pretty much what we see for seasonal flu vaccines." About 94 percent of reactions reported to the government are classified as "not serious," with soreness at the injection site the most common.

In particular, there has been no increase in Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare, usually reversible form of paralysis. That condition rose slightly during an emergency vaccination campaign in 1976, after a strain of swine influenza, different from this year's H1N1, was detected among troops at Fort Dix, in New Jersey. That outbreak did not spread to the civilian population.

CDC is investigating 10 proved or suspected cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome among people who have gotten the vaccine, which is no more than would normally be expected in that number of people. About 80 to 160 cases of the condition occur each week in the United States, usually after an infection.

Have you noticed any article always reverts to the Swine Flu vaccine and how safe it is! The facts are proven they are ignoring the fatalities from the vaccine and most of the serious side effects, as they say there is no connection. I also find it interesting they are saying the bacterial pneumonia is from a Virus! That the Swine flu is causing those deaths. Those facts are not correct either - we already know there is something Much more happening than the Swine flu.

Health Minister of Ukraine, Overall Report of Flu Epidemic 11/30/09 2:30

Health Minister of Ukraine, Overall Report of Flu Epidemic

The Health Minister of Ukraine, has released an overall report of the Flu epidemic there.


November 30, 2009 press conference was held with participation of Minister of Health of Ukraine Vasily Knyazevich, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Ukraine for health Tatiana Bakhteyeva and Chief state sanitary doctor of Ukraine Alexander Bilovol. Захід відбувся за підсумками роботи Колегії МОЗ України, присвяченої питанням епідситуації з захворюваності на грип та ГРВІ, підсумкам роботи Оперативного штабу по подоланню епідемії грипу та ГРВІ, проблемам імунопрофілактики та вакцинації населення, питанням використання бюджетних коштів, виділених на подолання епідемії, головним напрямкам реформування галузі. The event took place on the work of the Board of Health of Ukraine dealing with epidsytuatsiyi incidence of influenza and ARI, the results of the operations staff to overcome the epidemic of influenza and ARI, the problems of immunization and vaccination of the population, the use of budgetary funds allocated to fighting the epidemic, the main direction of reform .

У своєму виступі Василь Князевич змалював ситуацію, яка на сьогодні склалася в медичній галузі в контексті останніх викликів. In his speech, Vasily Knyazevich described the situation that currently prevailing in the medical field in the context of recent calls. Він наголосив, що саме життя змушує від слів про реформування нарешті перейти до справ. He noted that life itself makes from the words of the reform finally move to the cases. "Кожен лікар і кожен пацієнт сьогодні очікують змін на краще, і профільне міністерство готове запропонувати чіткий зрозумілий план реформування галузі, де достойне місце посяде сімейний лікар, де функціонуватимуть, як у всьому світі, університетські клініки, де розвиватиметься дороговартісна високоспеціалізована медична допомога. І головне, - існуватиме чіткий розподіл між обсягом безкоштовних медичних послуг, які гарантуватиме держава, та обсягом платних послуг, які пацієнт самостійно визначатиме використовувати чи ні", - зазначив на колегії Василь Князевич. "Every doctor and every patient today expect changes for the better, and line ministries are ready to offer clear transparent reform plan, which will occupy a worthy place of family doctors, which will act as the world, university clinics, where dorohovartisna develop highly specialized medical care. And most importantly - there a clear division between the volume of free medical services to ensure the state and the volume of paid services that patients themselves will determine whether or not to use "- said the board Vasily Knyazevich.

Інформуючи представників регіонів про ситуацію в Україні та світі з захворюваності на пандемічний грип, на колегії вкотре нагадали, що у всьому світі більшість випадків захворювання на пандемічний грип припадає на молодих людей, в тому числі і вагітних жінок, що обумовлено у них фізіологічною імуносупресією, яка природно зменшує потужність загального імунітету, у тому числі противірусного та антибактеріального захисту. Informing the representatives of the regions on the situation in Ukraine and worldwide with the incidence of pandemic influenza on board once again reminded that the world most cases of pandemic influenza accounted for by young people, including pregnant women, due to their physiological immunosuppression, which naturally reduces the capacity of general immunity, including antiviral and antibacterial protection.

На 27 листопада поточного року кількість осіб, що захворіли на гострі респіраторні захворювання та грип складає 1 751 546. At November 27 this year, the number of persons ill with acute respiratory disease and influenza is 1 751 546.

За останню добу виявлено 34 982 особи, які захворіли на гострі респіраторні захворювання та грип. By last night found 34 982 people are ill with acute respiratory infections and influenza. Протягом останніх днів намічається тенденція до стабілізації та зменшення кількості зареєстрованих хворих. In recent days the trend is envisaged to stabilize and reduce the number of registered patients. Кількість госпіталізованих дітей станом на 27.11.09 зросла до 1250 (25.11.09 - 1207). Number of hospitalized children as at 27.11.09 increased to 1250 (25.11.09 - 1207).

Кількість важких хворих в цілому по країні почала зменшуватися. Number of heavy patients across the country began to decline. Так, на сьогоднішній день в реанімаційних відділеннях знаходиться 117 осіб, що на 40 осіб менше, ніж 25.11.09, з них на штучній вентиляції легень - 18 (25.11.09 - 21 особа). Yes, today in the intensive care unit is 117 persons for 40 persons less than 25.11.09 with them on Ventilator - 18 (25.11.09 - 21 people).

З початку епідемії грипу в Україні всього захворіло біля 5000 вагітних та породіль, третину з яких було госпіталізовано. Since the beginning of a flu epidemic in Ukraine just sick about 5000 pregnant women and mothers, a third of whom were hospitalized. Близько 150 вагітних знаходилися в палаті інтенсивної терапії, з яких біля 63 - на ШВЛ. About 150 pregnant women were in intensive care, of which about 63 - on artificial pulmonary ventilation. З загальної кількості захворівших вагітних та породіль - 35 померло, що складає 8% від загальної кількості померлих від ускладнень грипу в Україні. In total zahvorivshyh pregnant women and mothers - 35 died, representing 8% of the total number of deaths from complications of influenza in Ukraine.

Загальна кількість померлих з початку епідемії становить 424 громадян України. The total number of deaths from the epidemic of 424 citizens of Ukraine.

З 35 померлих вагітних та породіль: вагітними померли - 15 (43%) жінок, в післяпологовому періоді померли - 20 (57%) жінок. Of the 35 deaths of pregnant women and mothers: pregnant women died - 15 (43%) women in the postnatal period have died - 20 (57%) women.

Станом на 30.11.2009 р. в відділенні інтенсивної терапії та реанімації перебуває 29 вагітних та породіль, з яких 10 знаходяться на апараті ШВЛ. As on 30.11.2009, in intensive care and resuscitation is 29 and pregnant mothers, of which 10 are on the apparatus for artificial pulmonary ventilation.

Серед областей, в яких зафіксована найбільша кількість померлих, залишається Львівська область - 94 особи, що складає22,7 % від загальної кількості померлих з початку епідемії; Івано-Франківська - 43 особи (10,3%), Донецька - 27 осіб (6,5%). Among the areas which recorded the largest number of dead remains Lviv region - 94 persons skladaye22, 7% of the total deaths since the beginning of the epidemic, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast - 43 people (10.3%), Donetsk Oblast - 27 people (6, 5%). Кількість хворих у Львівській області залишається найбільшою в Україні і складає 204 006 чоловік, з них 10 768 дітей. Number of patients in the Lviv region remains the largest in Ukraine and is 204 006 persons, including 10 768 children.

Таким чином, епідемічна ситуація щодо захворюваності на грип та гострі респіраторні захворювання поступово стабілізується. Thus, the epidemiological situation regarding the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections gradually stabilized. Разом з тим, залишається значна кількість госпіталізованих хворих, які знаходяться в реанімації, що потребує подальшої мобілізації значних фахових та організаційних зусиль на всіх рівнях надання медичної допомоги. However, remains a significant number of hospitalized patients who are in intensive care, which require further mobilization of significant professional and organizational efforts at all levels of care.

Серед основних особливостей пандемічного грипу вирізняють три моменти. Among the main features distinguish pandemic influenza three points. Перша особливість - захворювання вражає молоде працездатне населення. The first feature - the disease affects the younger working population. Вік більшості померлих сягає від 20 до 50 років, що характерно в цілому для країн з епідемічним розповсюдженням грипу. Age most of the dead ranges from 20 to 50 years, which is typical in general for the epidemic spread of influenza.

Ускладнюється перебіг захворювань у разі наявності ожиріння, супутніх серцево-судинних захворювань, захворювань органів дихання, цукрового діабету, послаблення імунної системи тощо. Complicated course of disease in the case of obesity related cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes, weakening the immune system and so on.

Друга особливість - швидке розповсюдження по території. The second feature - the rapid spread on the territory.

Третя - блискавичний перебіг від початку до розвитку нетипової пневмонії, яка у разі виникнення, дуже важко піддається лікуванню. Third - fulminant course from beginning to the development of atypical pneumonia, in which case, it is very difficult to treat.

Міністерством охорони здоров'я України з моменту оголошення в світі пандемії грипу A/H1N1 Каліфорнія напрацьована відповідна нормативна документація по вирішенню проблем подолання пандемічного грипу в Україні. Ministry of Health of Ukraine since the announcement in the world of pandemic influenza A/H1N1 California is aimed at the appropriate regulatory documentation to address the problems of poverty and Pandemic Influenza in Ukraine.

Крім того, здійснено комплекс заходів у регіонах, спрямованих на запобігання поширенню грипу А (H1N1): In addition, a series of measures implemented in the regions, aimed at preventing the spread of influenza A (H1N1):

- в кожному регіоні створено оперативні штаби з цілодобовим чергуванням співробітників, які координують роботу в цьому напрямку; - In each region established operational headquarters round the clock vigil on staff who is coordinating work in this direction;

- в усіх регіонах проведено навчання з фахівцями (згідно з наказами МОЗ України від 07.11.2009 р. № 813 та від 07.11.2009 року № 814). - In all regions of the training conducted by experts (in accordance with orders MH of Ukraine from 07.11.2009, № 813 and from 07.11.2009, number 814).

- в усіх регіонах підготовлена госпітальна база для надання стаціонарної медичної допомоги цій категорії хворих (визначені відділення, які можуть бути перепрофільовані, підготовлено резерв лікарських засобів та виробів медичного призначення, дезінфекційних засобів, засобів індивідуального захисту, узгоджено питання кадрового та транспортного забезпечення), поліклінічна служба працює в розширеному режимі (подовжено години прийому, робота у вихідні дні), підготовлено розгортання при потребі додаткових бригад швидкої медичної допомоги. - In all regions of the Hospital prepared base to provide inpatient care to this category of patients (defined branch that can be transformed, ready reserve of medicines and medical products, disinfection equipment, personal protective equipment, agreed to transport personnel and security), outpatient service working in advanced mode (extended hours, work on weekends), prepared if necessary to deploy additional crews ambulance.

· Ліжковий фонд інфекційних ліжок становить 20 708. · Bedspace infectious beds is 20 708.

· З них боксованих - 8 708 (42 %). · Of them boksovanyh - 8 708 (42%).

· У відділеннях інтенсивної терапії - 407 боксів. · In intensive care - 407 boxes.

· При введенні другого рівня небезпеки (групові випадки) буде перепрофільовано - 30 460 ліжок. Case of a second-level risk (group instances) will be transformed - 30 460 beds.

· При введенні третього рівня небезпеки (епідемія) буде перепрофільовано - 190 102 ліжка. In case of entering the third level of risk (epidemic) will be transformed - 190 102 beds.

· Для контактних осіб передбачено - 18 201 обсерваційне ліжко. · For contact persons provided - 18 201 observation beds.

Як зазначалося на колегії, Міністерством для покращання матеріально-технічної бази лікувально-профілактичних закладів карантинних областей поставлено обладнання та необхідні медикаменти для лікування сезонного та грипу А(Н1N1). As discussed at the Board, the Ministry to improve the logistics of medical institutions quarantine areas supplied equipment and necessary drugs for the treatment of seasonal and influenza A (N1N1).

Обладнання Equipment

Визначено номенклатуру і кількість обладнання, яке пропонується до закупівлі, призначеної для лікування невідкладних станів у відділеннях інтенсивної терапії, з урахуванням стану матеріально-технічного забезпечення закладів охорони здоров'я та протоколів лікування і рекомендацій ВООЗ: апарати ШВЛ у тому числі транспортні, фіброгастроскопи, кардіомонітори, пульсоксиметр, відсмоктувачі тощо. Determine the range and quantity of equipment which is proposed to purchase, intended for treatment of emergency conditions in an intensive care unit, depending on the state procurement of health and treatment protocols and WHO recommendations: artificial pulmonary ventilation apparatus including transportation, fibrohastroskopy, heart , pulsoxymeters, oral, etc..

За розрахунковими даними для потреб подолання епідемії необхідно понад 700 одиниць обладнання, з них: апарати ШВЛ (у т.ч. транспортні), фіброскопи, кардіомонітори, пульсоксиметри, відсмоктувачі тощо. For billing information for the purposes of fighting the epidemic should be over 700 pieces of equipment, including: artificial pulmonary ventilation apparatus (including transportation), fibroskopy, heart, pulsoxymeters, oral, etc..

Лікарські засоби Medicines

До переліку лікарських засобів за рекомендаціями ВООЗ включені противірусні препарати, зокрема на основі озельтамівіру, які проявляють специфічну активність до вірусів грипу А (Н1 N 1). The list of drugs recommended by WHO include antiviral drugs, particularly through ozeltamiviru that exhibit specific activity to influenza viruses A (H1 N 1). Відповідно до алгоритму лікування також передбачена закупівля, антибіотиків, седативних препаратів, гормональних, інфузійних розчинів тощо. According to the treatment algorithm also provides procurement, antibiotics, sedative drugs, hormones, infusion solutions, etc..

Підготовлено розрахунки відповідно до орієнтовних розрахункових даних Центру грипу щодо необхідної кількості лікарських засобів для лікування дітей та дорослих противірусними препаратами на випадок виникнення серед населення захворювань на грип А(Н1N1). Prepared according to indicative estimates calculated data Influenza Center of the required number of drugs to treat children and adults antiviral drugs in case of disease among the population of influenza A (N1N1).

Доведена до регіонів пам'ятки щодо профілактичного захисту медичних працівників в умовах спалаху пандемічного грипу типу А Н1N1 Каліфорнія в Україні. Brought to the regions of interest on the preventive protection of medical workers in a pandemic influenza outbreak of type A N1N1 California in Ukraine.

З метою з'ясування можливостей закладів охорони здоров'я щодо проведення щеплень проти пандемічного грипу здійснено аналіз проблемних питань роботи кабінетів профілактичних щеплень в регіонах. In order to determine the capabilities of health facilities for vaccination against pandemic influenza analyzed the problems of preventive vaccination offices in the regions.

Підготовлено проект наказу МОЗ "Про затвердження організації роботи кабінету щеплень", яким буде затверджено Примірне положення про організацію роботи кабінету щеплень; Примірне матеріально-технічне забезпечення роботи кабінету щеплень; Примірне положення про молодшого медичного спеціаліста з медичною освітою кабінету щеплень. Prepared by the Ministry of Health draft order "On Approval of the Cabinet of vaccinations, which will be approved some of the organization of the cabinet vaccinations; Примірне logistics of the office of vaccines, some of the junior medical specialist medical education office vaccinations.

На сьогоднішній день працює група фахівців щодо проведення вакцинації для профілактики пандемічного грипу. Today is the team to the vaccination for the prevention of pandemic influenza.

Тривалість епідемічного підйому буде залежати від ефективності обмежувально-ізоляційних, дезінфекційних і профілактичних заходів в осередках. Duration of the epidemic rise will depend on the effectiveness of restrictive insulation, disinfection and prevention of cell.

При адекватному протиепідемічному забезпеченні загальна тривалість епідемічного підйому становитиме від 6 до 8 тижнів. If adequate anti ensuring total duration of the epidemic rise will be from 6 to 8 weeks.

За прогнозами фахівців, ймовірно слід очікувати щонайменше дві хвилі епідемічного підйому. According to experts, probably can expect at least two waves of epidemic rise.

Основними прогнозними групами ризику будуть: The main risk groups are projected:

- вагітні жінки (особливо у другому і третьому триместрах); - Pregnant women (especially in the second and third trimester);

- діти молодшого віку (особливо до 2 років). - Children younger age (particularly up to 2 years).

- особи з хронічними станами наступних категорій: хронічні респіраторні хвороби; хронічні кардіоваскулярні хвороби; хронічні обмінні порушення - Persons with chronic conditions following categories: chronic respiratory disease, chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic metabolic violation

Питання недопущення поширеності захворюваності на грип A (H1N1 Каліфорнія) та гострі респіраторні вірусні інфекції серед населення перебуває на постійному контролі МОЗ України. Question prevent spread of disease to influenza A (H1N1 California) and acute respiratory viral infection among the population is in constant control of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Прес-служба МОЗ України Press Service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

I find it very interesting in the points about the epidemic, he did not mention the bleeding lungs, destruction of the lungs or anything of that information.