Monday, November 9, 2009

OVER ONE MILLION SICK - Just Released Official Numbers! 11/9/09 1:54PM

OVER ONE MILLION SICK - Just Released Official Numbers!

1,031,597 SICK


174 DEAD


Information on the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections and their complications (pneumonia, etc.) as "09" November 2009

I read somewhere that the Ukraine only had about 48000 hospital beds - where are they putting all the people - if so?


  1. Hi,
    I've been following your blog closely and doing my own research. Most of the western newspapers are saying that the Ukraine is blowing everything out of proportion and the numbers are wildly bloated! Yet, the numbers continue to rise and there is now confirmation that planes were spraying a substance over the cities.

  2. There is definately something HUGE happening in the Ukraine! Governments don't like it when the population why tell them! Hasn't that always been the Government way!

  3. just read an article zerohedge saying politicians are blowing this out of proportation due to elections. This source (hmm) says friends in the ukraine now state there very few have hini and the whole thing is overblown. Somehow we cant all be making this up from whole cloth.

  4. The funny thing is...I had no idea what was going on until I stumbled across a video about Joseph Moshe. Seemed a little weird so I did a search on the internet and then found a whole heap of stuff about the Ukraine. I decided to read the Ukraine news websites and they have a completely different persepctive to the news websites in Canada, UK and the US.

    It's amazing how the media controls so much information, almost to the point we never know what to believe!


  6. The following is from an article on Canada's Globe and Mail website:

    "The numbers coming from different government agencies and state media have been wildly contradictory. Depending on the source, the number of reported cases of flu and respiratory illness last month ranged from under 7,000 all the way up to half a million, with no indication of how many people normally fall ill or die from the flu in the winter..."

    Good grief, not anywhere do they mention that the statistics being posted (like those on this site) are from October 29. 40,000+ people in hospital in one week! Come on, standard flu or not, that is not normal!

    It kills me how the news reports this stuff.

  7. There is definatley something going on. Why are millions of body caskets stored at locations across the USA (see youtube). It's like they're getting ready for a mass burial situation.
    The planet is dying. We have diminshed our resources to such an extent as to render our Earth unable to support the number of people on the planet. Steps are being taken to combat global warming via more 'green'sources of energy but we cannot avoid one inescapable fact. THERE ARE TOO MANY HUMAN BEINGS ON THE PLANET!
    (Much like an overcrowded fish tank)
    By culling say 90% of the population the new goverment will be able to control the massess more easily.

    Just a thought.....!

  8. heavy chemtrial spraying in new york

  9. i think maybe it has been blown out of proportion. i saw a video of people in ukraine out walking with anything over their faces.

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    Thanks for all of your hard work. I know how much time this takes and many are grateful.



  11. Wal mart is going to begin selling coffins for a reason.

  12. First, for commentors saying that the bloggers numbers are inflated, please check your information before you make statements. Her numbers are coming from the UKRANIAN GOVERNMENTS own website, in which she has posted the link too!
    Second, to the person who commented about global overpopulation, please realize where you are getting your information. Main stream media, focus group, and "non-profit" organizations whom ALL get their funding from corporations. Is it not at all possible that "they" are trying to get the masses to believe we have overpopulation so that we do not bemoan genocide? Please seriously consider this. Think about it, I live in a large city, yet I can drive 10 minutes past the city line and see MILES UPON MILES UPON MILES of empty land, this is not unique in my country, this is ALL OVER. Please people, step out of the Matrix. THINK FOR YOURSELVES!
    Blogger, thank you so very much for your time, effort and research. You are appreciated by many :)

  13. Here is a link to the best world monitoring website I am aware of...

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  14. Here's a good article about it:

  15. There are NOT too many people, just TOO MANY NWO elites. Thanks for the great updates here, stay safe.