Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mill Hill Lab Website (WHO lab) - No News On their Site since July 09 - I have NO trust in their results Either! 11/19/09 9:04am

Mill Hill Lab Website (WHO lab) - No News On their Site since July 09 - I have NO trust in their results Either!

Here is the Mill Hill WHO Lab in London - the last thing they have about the Swine Flu was in July 09. I have gone to all the different links, on their site.

If they are doing all this testing for WHO (it is a WHO lab) - why are they not showing exactly what the results were? Why is there nothing new about the Swine flu since July 09? Why are they not completely making public as much information as possible?

Why is it, they now say the flu strain in the Ukraine HAS changed yesterday, yet on Tuesday there was NO change?

Until the WHO and Mill Hill laboratory completely releases the results for the public to see and not just give a "summary" of it - I WILL NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY!!

WHO has already PROVEN to LIE!

WHO NEEDS TO Release the following:

Exactly what type victims samples were used (bleeding lungs/black lungs) or ones who had positive Swine flu symptoms?

WHAT exactly was found - could it have been a Biological Weapon used - from low flying planes spraying things?

Exactly what Chemicals were found in the bodies, was a complete chemical analysis done of the bodies of those with bleeding lungs and black lungs?

With the information WHO released yesterday - that the "sequences" have changed - THEN doesn't that Make the SWINE FLU VACCINE - NULL AND VOID Created for the Swine Flu, considering CHANGES have taken place!

I could only find the information of sequences changed on ONE site that is not even a WHO site, it only "said the information without providing the information" Where was that information received from? WHO - provide the information for all to see and other medical professionals to give their opinion.

WHO - release exact results proving and showing you had taken them from those victims with the Black and Bleeding Lungs!


Eurolab in the Ukraine, which the Ukrainian government Shut Down last week, released - what they think the more realistic numbers are for the sick and dead.

С начала эпидемии в Украине заболело: 1,457,564 / умерло: 328 , подробнее » Since the beginning эпидемии in Ukraine zabolelo: 1,457,564 / died: 328, More " "Official Numbers"

На основе статистики полученной штабом "Киевляне против гриппа" в Украине заболело: 2,477,858 / умерло: 557 Based on statistics poluchennoy headquarters Kievlyane against гриппа in Ukraine zabolelo: 2,477,858 / dead: 557 "their probability numbers"

So, as for Mill Hill releasing the sequences - sorry - I do not accept a generalized information piece - especially when I can not find it anywhere on their or the WHO's site! Where is THIS information EXACTLY? That shows changes?

Besides one site reporting the changes, I have found NOTHING else on it!

WHO - release ALL INFORMATION FOR THE WORLD TO SEE - Don't just CLAIM what it is - SHOW the LAB results On Paper and the Internet!

I am not a medical professional - but I also do not just accept what is claimed either without showing proof - I believe an independent lab needs to do testing.

OH, that is right - there was one, but it was SHUT DOWN by the Ukraine Government with the WHO most likely behind that decision! Why is it the WHO does not want other labs to do testing on victims? Would they come to a Different Conclusion?

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