Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Super Bug that Really Kills Now - Mortality Rate at 55%! No Cure and Spreading Fast - Morphs - Horizontal Gene Transfer! In Japan, India, Britian and U.S. - Vaccines the Cause?

UPDATE - 1:09pm - Fox News Is Carrying the Story now - Says cases are in 3 States in the U.S. now.
California, Massachusetts and Illinois

Well, it seems the labs might have finally come up with a Super Bug that has a mortality rate at over 55% from what I can see.  Right now in Japan of the 58 confirmed cases, 32 have died!  

This is serious and at what point will we hear about it here in the U.S.?

Also - something to think about.... This came from those who Traveled TO India and came back to their respective country from getting surgery done in India!  Think about that!  When I was going to travel to India, I was going to have to get a ton of different VACCINATIONS to do so.  Now, my question is "What was in those Vaccinations"?  WHY travelers TO India, what did they have in their body to cause them to get a superbug?  Why didn't it start with those who Lived in India first, from all that I have read, it started with Medical Tourist!  Do you understand what I am saying?  It does not make sense,   Was there one vaccine they all happened to get that was the same and from the same company?

An article in an India paper has the following information

Tokyo, Sep 11: Japan has confirmed another five cases of infection with Acinetobacter, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, formally know as ‘New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 enzyme (NDM-1)’. 

The cases from Teikyo University Hospital have brought the total number of people infected with the superbug to 58 in the country.

Of the 58 people, 32 have died, including nine whose deaths were likely caused directly by the infection, the Xinhua news agency reports.

NDM-1 is a type of bacteria resistant to carbapenems, one of the antibiotics of last resort for many bacterial infections.
The superbug’s is formally named after New Delhi, as it was reportedly discovered in the Indian capital.
According to reports, it has spread to Britain and the United States through travelers who had surgery in India.
The first death directly attributed to the superbug was reported last month in Belgium. 

I just found another article about it - Just now released.

New Indian superbug 'a global threat' 

A new superbug from India thought to be resistant to nearly every known antibiotic poses a global threat, scientists warned on Monday, urging health authorities to track the bacteria.

"There is an urgent need, first, to put in place an international surveillance system over the coming months and, second, to test all the patients admitted to any given health system" in as many countries as possible, said Patrice Nordmann of France's Bicetre Hospital.

"For the moment, we don't know how fast this phenomenon is spreading... it could take months or years, but what is certain is that is will spread," he told AFP, noting that measures have already been agreed in France and are under discussion in Japan, Singapore and China.

The so-called "superbug," dubbed NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1), and its variants appear to have originated in India and were first detected in Britain in 2007.

For example, scientists have determined that the NDM gene "is very mobile, hopping from one bacteria to another," he said.

"medical tourist" appeared to have brought the bacteria to Britain.

More information:

We have found that the superbug has the potential to get copied and transferred between bacteria, allowing it to spread rapidly. If it spreads to an already hard-to-treat bacterial infection, it can be turn more dangerous," Kumarasamy said.

Scientists have tracked down a drug-resistant superbug that infects patients and causes multiple organ failure to Indian hospitals but doctors here see in it the germ of a move to damage the country's booming medical tourism industry.

The 'superbug' resistant to almost all known antibiotics has been found in UK patients treated in Indian hospitals. Named after the Indian capital, it is a gene carried by bacteria that causes gastric problems, enters the blood stream and may cause multiple organ failure leading to death.

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