Friday, September 3, 2010

Public Health Organizations trying to Make Flu Vaccine Shots Mandatory for Health Workers

Two organizations are pushing for MANDATORY Flu Vaccine Shots for Health Workers!

Seems last year not enough Health Workers got their Flu Vaccine shots, so two organizations are determined to have them ALL take a shot this year!

I find this atrocious!  Health Workers know themselves what they should do or not do.  Imagine having it mandatory and many of them having adverse affects from it.....What would happen to our health care system?!

How dare organizations try and tell people what they HAVE TO DO with their own bodies!  Everyone should be able to make their own choice, in what they are willing to put in their own bodies.  Considering the vaccines are full of poisons, with the mercury and squalene! 

Here is a link to a petition, for those interested in a "Refuse and Resist Mandatory Flu Vaccines".

This year a Flu vaccine has been created with the H1N1 vaccine in with the "seasonal" flu vaccine, so it is all one.


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