Friday, January 15, 2010

I am So Thankful a Certain "Reporter" has gone through the Blog and Contacted Blogger - All of Her Disinfo is now off the Blog! 1/15/09

I have gotten a few emails from Blogger - A certain "Writer/reporter" that I have posted about previously, contacted Blogger and said I was "using Copyrighted Material"!

Information on why she is trying to get my Blog taken down:

I have been laughing, and VERY Thankful, her material is Now Completely OFF the Blog! Since it was mostly disinfo, (my opinion). I thought I had gone through the blog and got her items off, but I missed a couple.

Of course the main goal, for her is to try and get my Blog taken down. But instead her "articles" are taken Down and Off the Blog.

So, hopefully all the Disinfo is being taken out and only the truth will be left.

I would like the person to contact me again from Slovenia - I have been trying to contact you, since last year and have not gotten a response!

Please contact me - I want to know you are Okay and Healthy! You know who you are!


  1. Any updates on the situation in Ukraine? Is there a second wave in Donetsk? Or is that just a rumour and disinfo? Just wondering since I don't know what sources to trust...

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