Sunday, January 3, 2010

New York Times - Doing their Job - Article about Swine Flu and "false reports" of Ukraine mutations 1/3/10 5:25pm

The New York Times is doing their job in reporting about the Swine Flu and how well WHO and the governments of the world handled it. They also dedicate a few paragraphs to all the "rumors" and "false reports" of mutations of the flu in North Carolina, Ukraine and Argentina.

Funny, they don't mention the European Parliament accusing and investigating WHO for the False Pandemic!

They also don't go into detail WHY the claims of mutations were cited - nor did they mention Iowa!

Portion of Article:

One real triumph, several experts said, was how little damage misinformation did. In 1976, many people refused shots after three elderly Pittsburgh residents died shortly after getting theirs; it took the C.D.C. five days to explain that it was just a coincidence.

This time, many rumors arose but were quickly debunked: That thousands had died in Mexico. That the virus had circulated in the Midwest for a decade, undetected. That it had escaped from a laboratory. That seasonal flu shots made catching swine flu more likely. That flu shots did not work or caused autism. That the administration would make them mandatory. That Tamiflu resistance was widespread in Northern California. That a flu shot had disabled a Washington Redskins cheerleader, or that she was cured by chelation therapy by a doctor associated with the antivaccine movement. That mutant killer flu strains were circulating in Argentina or Ukraine or North Carolina.

The debunking succeeded, Dr. Osterholm said, “despite the fact that there are many fewer reporters who understand medical issues than there used to be.”

This time, both the C.D.C. and the World Health Organization responded quickly to almost every rumor. At the epidemic’s height, they held several news conferences a week, taking questions by phone from all over the world.

They also invited dozens of reporters to daylong seminars on influenza at C.D.C. headquarters in Atlanta and to exercises around the country led by the former anchorman Forrest Sawyer, at which they debated, for example, whether a miscarriage by one woman after getting a flu shot was a big scoop or a nonstory.

Remaining to be seen is what effect the pandemic has had on Americans’ feelings about vaccines.

Dr. Frieden said he thought a victory over the antivaccine movement had been scored. Nearly 60 million people have been vaccinated, including many pregnant women and children, with no surge in side effects.

They out right Lie in the article! Amazing!! They simply mention things without going in depth into them! No wonder I don't read or listen to MSM at all! No believing Anything they say at all, anymore!


  1. ..."many rumors arose but were quickly debunked: - that mutant killer flu strains were circulating in Argentina or Ukraine or North Carolina"

    ...those studious spinners of spurious lies of omission, (otherwise known as "New York Times" et al), must be so busy about their work they just don't have the "Times" to read any European daily papers. If they had, I wonder how they might go about "spinning" this entire following "thread" from Ukraine, where deaths are presently recurring at a rate comparable to the onset of the hemorrhagic outbreak two months ago, (roughly one per hour) -

  2. I've been reading your blog since late Oct. and have passed the info on to our local newpaper as blogs. I want to thank you for your perserverence in helping us know about this scam. Fewer people than expected got the jab in our county. Don't give up - our prayers are with you.