Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ukraine Situation is Still Bad - Also a Forum - I would Get Real information from - is now Down! 1/7/10

The numbers for those who have been sick in Ukraine is now almost 4 Million - with almost 900 dead.

BUT, is that the real story?

A medical forum, of which I have inserted information in previous posts from, is now down!

The other day, it was completely off line, now the service is not available for people to post on anymore!

There were a few very telling postings about what is still going on there, people are still getting Very sick!

People in Ukraine, had posted at the end of December - how many of their family members died between Christmas and New Years, yet the Doctors have put "heart problems and complications" on the death certificates - NOT a "flu sickness".

Sample of a post - written on the 26th of December, before the site became "unavailable":

Yesterday they buried a good man who died from influenza, the day before, too, was buried, and also from the flu. Они умерли в одной больнице. They died in a hospital. Почему в свидетельстве о смерти, врачи пишут, СЕРДЕЧНАЯ НЕДОСТАТОЧНОСТЬ?????? Why the death certificate, doctors write, heart failure ??????

Another from the end of December:

My friend works in the Infectious Diseases Hospital, a lot of people are sick, many lying in intensive care with pneumonia. и умирают больше чем говорят в новостях, вот только врачи не знают каким именно гриппом болеют. and die more than in the news, only the doctors do not know exactly what flu sick.

Remember - a Ukraine politician had stated last year, that mid January they expect a Third more intense wave of the flu in Ukraine.

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