Thursday, July 22, 2010

A WTF? Question and Why? Why is H1N1 Flu Group, Hosting an Unmanned Aircraft Defense Summit?

This is one of those WTF questions?  How does one have to do with the other?  Why would the H1N1 Flu Group be interested in unmanned flights technology?

H1N1 Flu Expo Group Hosts Unmanned Aircraft Defense Summit By Lori Price, 22 Jul 2010 Citizens For Legitimate Government has learned that New-Fields Exhibitions, the previous sponsor of the 5th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit ('Develop a business plan for the Iraqi military market') and International Swine Flu Conferences ('Mass Fatality Management Planning'), is sponsoring an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Defense and Tactics Conference in Washington, D.C. New-Fields offers the following description of the summit, to be held 29-30 July, 2010.
This cutting-edge conference brings together military, federal and local governments, academia and industry to discuss their plans to expand their UAS use and to address the challenges facing potential expanded use of UAS.

Presentations and Panel Discussions Include:
  Integrating UA into Civil Airspace
  Ground Station Command, Control, and Communications (C3)
  Weapon Delivery, Weaponization Issues
  Full Autonomy
  Modular UAS (etc.)

On the site, is a list of what conference/summit meetings will be held.

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