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TPTB May Have Their Plague/Disease To Spread Now! Started it in Botswana, Africa!

Last year, I believe TPTB had tried to start the Plague in Ukraine, but it did not spread well. I do know for a fact (the info and docs are in my Ukraine Plague Blog) and they even said, they were in the lab working with what had been started in Ukraine.

Well, it seems they may have accomplished their well spread Disease/Plague

A terrible disease is spreading in Botswana right now. It is called the Rift Valley Fever. People are bleeding from their noses, mouth and skin from this disease. Animals have been affected. They are now worried people have been eating the diseased animals - which is the corresponding information that confirms This IS a Webbot Hit!

From above article:
This is the first time that the country has ever had any reported cases of the disease. The disease, the ministry told the nation, is fatal, not only to livestock and cattle but also to humans.

The signs of infection in humans include bleeding through the mouth, nose and skin, which can lead to death.While initially the ministry claimed that only two animals were found to be infected, and insisted there was no cause for alarm, another outbreak was reported last week, this time around Kanye. Does the ministry still maintain there is no need to panic? Our view is that the ministry is not giving this issue enough attention. In fact, this nation might wake up one morning and be told by the ministry that the Rift Valley Fever now affects the entire livestock and cattle farming areas.

That is reason enough for panic. Why? The ministry currently has no vaccine for this disease. God knows if their counterparts at the Ministry of Health even have any treatment for possible human cases.

The ministry said at the time it announced the outbreak in Ramotswa that it was putting restrictions on animal movement in the areas likely to be affected. These included Gaborone, Tlokweng, Kgatleng, South East, Lobatse and the greater Goodhope areas. That the disease was now found in Kanye shows that the restrictions put in place either came too late or have not been effective. It shows that the disease may already affect many other areas.

What that means is that people may already unknowingly be consuming meat from diseased animals. We will be accused of being alarmist, which we are not. We are simply sensitive to the real possibility that the people of Botswana, including the Ministries of Agriculture and Health, may not be aware of the true extent of the spread of the disease and the harm that it could cause to both animals and humans.
Here is what Wikipedia has about Rift Valley Fever:

Rift Valley Fever (RVF) is a viral zoonosis (affects primarily domestic livestock, but can be passed to humans) causing fever. It is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes, typically the Aedes or Culex genera

In humans the virus can cause several different syndromes. Usually sufferers have either no symptoms or only a mild illness with fever, headache, myalgia and liver abnormalities. In a small percentage of cases (< 2%) the illness can progress to hemorrhagic fever syndrome, meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain), or affecting the eye. Patients who become ill usually experience fever, generalized weakness, back pain, dizziness, and weight loss at the onset of the illness. Typically, patients recover within 2–7 days after onset.
Distribution of Rift Valley Fever in Africa. Blue, countries with endemic disease and substantial outbreaks of RVF; green, countries known to have some cases, periodic isolation of virus, or serologic evidence of RVF.

Approximately 1% of human sufferers die of the disease. Amongst livestock the fatality level is significantly higher. In pregnant livestock infected with RVF there is the abortion of virtually 100% of fetuses. An epizootic (animal disease epidemic) of RVF is usually first indicated by a wave of unexplained abortions.

The BEST Part from Wikipedia:

Use as a biological weapon

Rift Valley fever was one of more than a dozen agents that the United States researched as potential biological weapons before the nation suspended its biological weapons program.[8]

Now, I ask myself.... before I don my tin hat..... what does Botswana have and why would TPTB want to start a plague there?

Now lets look at what Botswana has from Wikipedia:

According to the International Monetary Fund, economic growth averaged over 9% per year from 1966 to 1999. Botswana has a high level of economic freedom compared to other African countries.[10] The government has maintained a sound fiscal policy, despite consecutive budget deficits in 2002 and 2003, and a negligible level of foreign debt. It earned the highest sovereign credit rating in Africa and has stockpiled foreign exchange reserves (over $7 billion in 2005/2006) amounting to almost two and a half years of current imports.

Debswana, the largest diamond mining company operating in Botswana, is 50% owned by the government.[11] Mineral industry provides about 40% of all government revenues.[12] In 2007, significant quantities of uranium were discovered, and mining is projected to begin by 2010. Several international mining corporations have established regional headquarters in Botswana, and prospected for diamonds, gold, uranium, copper, and even oil, many coming back with positive results. Government announced in early 2009, that they would try and shift their economic dependence on diamonds, over serious concern that diamonds are predicted to dry out in Botswana over the next twenty years.
HHHMMMM....... Botswana - Doesn't OWE A Central Bank a Ton of Money - they are SOUND Financially AND They have GOLD, DIAMOND, URANIUM, COPPER Mines!

Oh, no conspiracy there - just like Poland WAS sound Financially and the govt. got wiped out.

Is there an advantage to start a Plague in Botswana? Look at the info and you tell me!

Now to Clif' High's email Back to me, regarding this situation!

this, very very sadly, is part of what we call a 'wide and deep' meme here at hph. This means
that this will *not* be the only such language to appear. I suspect very much that similar
circumstances linguistically will be heard/read here in the USofA as well. At least as regards
the symptoms, if not the cause.

One other thing - this is from mosquitoes,

Oh, somehow there is a spurt of Dengue Fever in Key West - flu symptoms (wonder if it is really Toxic air - not Dengue?) That is getting lots of press recently. Dengue is from mosquitoes!

Here are some articles about Dengue Fever in Key West.

But is this really Dengue fever or is it from Toxic Air from the Gulf of Mexico?
Here are some articles about Dengue Fever in the U.S.

portions of article above:

Last month we addressed dengue fever’s reappearance in the United States. Since last summer 28 cases have been reported. Though this disease is a little known entity in the United States, it is the most common vector-borne viral disease in the world, causing an estimated 50–100 million infections and 25,000 deaths each year.

However, in a small percentage of cases, the disease may progress to cause internal bleeding with organ failure and death.

A vaccine for dengue fever is in development, and may ultimately join vaccines for hepatitis and yellow fever as recommended inoculations for U.S. citizens travelling to tropical areas. In the meantime, visitors returning from areas where dengue is endemic should be suspicious of possible dengue infection if experiencing flu like symptoms, and seek medical attention if a spotty red rash develops.

DENGUE fever has re-entered the US via the Florida Keys after an absence of 65 years.

The mosquito-borne virus has been identified in 28 people from Key West by the US Centers for Disease Control. The CDC announced the findings last week in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

"We don't know for sure that this hasn't happened before without being noticed," says Christopher Gregory of the CDC's dengue branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico. "It could be the tip of the iceberg."

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