Thursday, April 8, 2010

FLU SHOTS PROVEN To Make People MORE successible to GETTING H1N1 !!!! 4/8/10

A Canadian Group did a Study - Shows those who GOT the Seasonal Flu Shot were more LIKELY to Get H1N1 !!!!!!

We are not such "Conspiracy Nuts" after all - all of us who Yelled "DON'T GET A FLU SHOT OR ANY SHOT"!!!!

We have been proven to be RIGHT!!

Study shows a link between the Seasonal Flu shot to Those who GOT H1N1 !!

Amazing - it really was being used against us all! No wonder the media constantly talked about it - saying "get your shots"!

Also, I DO Believe what happened in the Ukraine did not go as TPTB expected - I don't believe it Spread as they wanted it to completely - Nor did it take as many lives as they thought!

What will they come up with next?

Besides all the Chemtrails constantly - what other things will they release and try on us?

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