Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Glaxo - Rotarix Rotavirus Given to 30 Million Kids - Tainted with Pig Virus - Not taking it Off Market!

A vaccine given to kids and babies has been found to be tainted with a Pig Virus!

BUT - FDA is NOT taking it OFF the market nor will Glaxo take it off themselves!

They say it ONLY Causes Disease in Pigs Not Humans!

It will be temporarily suspended in being given to kids, just for more investigations into the vaccine being tainted!

How COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS! The Government and Glaxo SmithKline are so Blase about kids being given an Animal Disease!!

How is it they can do this? How come a HUGE corporation can Taint a vaccine and NOT be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE for that?!

So, now knowing they have given this vaccine tainted since 2006 with a PIG VIRUS - is all this Swine Flu a part of it? Was there a "Set up" before with kids being injected with a Pig Virus and the Swine flu vaccine being a next step? What happens with the 2 vaccines meet up?

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