Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outbreak of Deadly Bubonic and Pnuemonic Plague in Peru - Confirmed

An outbreak of Bubonic and Pnuemonic Plague has begun in Peru.

A 14 year old boy and 31 other people have been infected so far in Peru.  It has been confirmed it is the Plague. 
The first recorded plague outbreak in Peru was in 1903. The last, in 1994, killed 35 people.

Peru has been having terribly cold temperatures this year, which many have been dying

Seems Peru is doing exceptionally well as a country in these days and times.  I have looked up their economic data.  (I like to look at how economically stable a country is, when diseases or the Whole government (Poland) has an accident).  Peru does not have debt, they are economically sound. 

Peru's GDP data

From everything I have looked at, it does not look like they have any debt at all and they have the lowest inflation. 

Funny how the diseases have hit countries that are financially sound.

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